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What happens if you have no money to go to a doctor after an accident?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on May 9, 2009

In Arizona, in order to pursue a personal injury claim you must show that you sustained an injury and that the injury was caused by the accident. What this means is that you must have evidence that you were hurt and that your pain and discomfort is caused by the adverse party.

If you do not have any money to go to the doctor and you do not have any medical documentation showing you were hurt, it is most likely that the insurance company is going to deny that you sustained an injury. Therefore, offering you nothing for your claim. When it comes to pursuing an injury claim, it is the burden of the injured victim to prove that they were in fact injured. In almost all cases, this requires showing medical documentation to the insurance company or jury to prove the injuries that were sustained from the car accident in Phoenix.

If you do not have the funds to seek medical care, there are a couple of things that you are able to do to get the medical care that you need. The first thing is that you can try to apply for AHCCCS. Many people who are taken by ambulance to the hospital and have no choice but to get medical care can apply for AHCCCS from the hospital. AHCCCS is a health insurance plan in Arizona that helps people who cannot afford to pay for a private health insurance plan. It often takes a couple of weeks though to see if you are qualified for AHCCCS and a couple of weeks without medical care after an accident is most likely going to cause the insurance company to deny your claim.

For those who do not have private health insurance or who cannot get accepted by AHCCCS, experienced injury attorneys in Arizona work with doctors throughout Arizona who will wait for payment. An injured person can seek treatment and the doctor will wait for payment and get paid out of the settlement. In this way the doctor is able to provide the best possible care for the injured victim and the victim can obtain the medical treatment needed to get better.

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