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When a Day at the Lake Goes Wrong

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on June 25, 2022

Bringing your family and friends to the lake is always meant to be an exciting and memorable experience. Enjoying nature and the outdoors is one of the greatest gifts that life has to offer and the United States is home to some amazing locations such as Lake Havasu, Lake Pleasant in Phoenix and Theodore Roosevelt Lake in Tonto National Forest.

Typical lake-related activities include boating and water sports such as fishing, kayaking, diving and swimming. In the summertime, there are often many groups of people engaging in these activities at the same time, and there are both spoken and unspoken rules surrounding lake etiquette and how to behave on the water.

Usually, people are cautious when it comes to boating and other water-related activities. Wearing life jackets and ensuring safe water sporting rituals is an important characteristic of safe boat drivers and water-sporting athletes.

However, there can be traumatic and devastating occasions where the most exciting and joyous activities result in tragedy on the lake. Typically, water sporting activities such as tubing, boating injuries due to fishing, kayaking, swimming and drowning have been the cause of many life-changing injuries and sometimes fatal water-related incidents in America.

If you or a member of your family have endured such an experience, The Husband & Wife Law Team can aid you through the legal process.

What types of injuries can be sustained as a result?

Depending on the type of accident that has occurred, individuals may suffer from broken bones, muscular injuries, brain injuries, broken necks and spinal cord injuries as a non-exhaustive list of examples.

What parties can be held accountable if an injury at a lake occurred due to negligence?

Being able to pinpoint who is culpable is an important step in a negligence claim. Depending on who is involved in the accident, injuries at the lake can be a result of a number of potential parties including the boat driver, the boat manufacturer or even the company who manufactured the faulty water-sporting equipment.

How will the firm assess the case to pursue full compensation?

If you have suffered a personal injury as a result of someone else’s carelessness or negligence, a member of The Husband & Wife Law Team can look at your situation through a legal lens and gather the related documentation in order to make your case.

It is not always possible to determine straight away whether you will receive full compensation for your loss, but the team will use expertise to advise and guide you through the possibilities.

How can a lawyer help?

Lawyers can help you through the legal process by communicating, translating the law and advocating on your behalf. They are commonly looking to do the best for their clients and therefore, will ensure that they dedicate their time and efforts toward benefiting you and your case.

To prove negligence, there needs to be a breach of a legal duty that can be proven as the cause of your injury. If this can be established, you may be entitled to receiving compensation for the costs that accumulated as a result of rehabilitation, medical bills or ongoing related financial commitments.

After a traumatic experience, you should feel confident that you’re dealing with a team of skilled and experienced personal injury lawyers.

Contact The Husband & Wife Law Team on (602) 457-6222 to discuss your case and what may be required.

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