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Why Finding the Best Personal Injury Lawyer for You Matters

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on March 4, 2010

As an experienced Tucson personal injury lawyer, I have been approached in many, many cases by people who want to leave the lawyer they originally hired. Very often, the reason they want to leave the lawyer they hired is because they hired a lawyer that handles many different areas of the law and does not have a specific focus or expertise when it comes to personal injury. As a result of that lack of experience and expertise, the lawyer makes many mistakes along the way that can jeopardize the rights of the person that they represent.

A personal injury claim is unlike some other claims in the law. It is not an ongoing process that has no end. Hiring the wrong lawyer is not something that just affects somebody during the time they have that lawyer. Instead, hiring the wrong lawyer can have serious financial repercussions for somebody over the rest of their life.

Arizona personal injury cases are almost always settled on a “one time only” basis. In other words, there will only be one settlement. Therefore, hiring just any lawyer that may be in the neighborhood or may be in the same city- if it is not the best lawyer you can find that fits you and your case- can be a terrible mistake. Find a top lawyer. Find a lawyer that focuses entirely or almost entirely on personal injury law. If it makes you more comfortable, find a lawyer who has been certified as a specialist by the State Bar of Arizona in injury and wrongful death litigation, a lawyer who has met the credentials necessary and has proved themselves to judges, their adversaries, and their peers in order to allow them to achieve that designation.

However, hiring the best lawyer is more than just about finding the right credentials. It is about finding a lawyer who will be straightforward and honest and who fits your personal needs. Whether that Arizona personal injury lawyer is two blocks from your home, or on the other side of the state, it is worthwhile to find the best lawyer for you. Between email, faxes, phone calls, and through the mail, having the best lawyer is much more important than having the lawyer that just happens to be a little bit more convenient for you. This is not about picking up a quick lunch; this is about something that can affect the rest of your life.

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