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You Want an Attorney Who Works On a Contingency Fee Basis

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 10, 2010

The only way in which we work with clients at Breyer Law Offices is on a contingency fee basis. Despite all of our accomplishments in Arizona courtrooms and commendations that we have received from our peers, we continue to work this way.

We feel it is an honor to help our seriously injured clients receive full and fair compensation after a car accident in Chandler or other serious accident in Arizona. We have never had a client pay a single dollar to us out of their own pocket. Rather, every dollar we have earned came through successfully concluding our clients’ cases.

A big advantage to anyone who hires a Chandler personal injury attorney on a contingency fee basis is that the injury lawyer has as much of a stake in the settlement amount as the client who hired him or her. Utilizing lawyers that work for contingency fees does not necessarily mean that a personal injury attorney will try to get the most out of a case, but it does give the lawyer an incentive. There are some personal injury lawyers who do not like to go to trial, and who will attempt to settle the case without fighting for their clients in the courtroom.

In most cases, however, a contingency fee benefits the client, though it is important before hiring a Chandler personal injury lawyer to evaluate his or her previous performance. Any top personal injury lawyer in Arizona will understand the nuances of personal injury law and have a record in Arizona courtrooms of fighting insurance companies to the end whenever necessary. A contingency fee will help ensure that a seriously injured client will get the best legal representation possible, as the lawyer will not get paid unless they either negotiate a settlement or win the case in an Arizona courtroom.

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