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What Safety Devices Must Property Owners Provide to Protect Against Fires?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on June 16, 2011

Whenever a house fire or apartment fire occurs, it must be determined how the fire occurred and how it could have been prevented. A home fire can be devastating. Serious injuries or death can result from a fire and all personal belongings can be destroyed in a moment. When a fire is caused by, or, not prevented because of a property owner’s negligence, victims of the fire may be able to pursue compensation for their damages and losses.

There are a number of questions that investigators must ask following a fire. Was the building constructed to code? Was the electrical wiring faulty? Were the occupants provided smoke detectors and fire extinguishers? Did the building have fire alarms? What caused the fire in the first place? Did the materials used to build and furnish the building contribute to the fire?

Whenever someone suffers a loss in an Arizona fire, he or she would be well advised to seek the counsel of a skilled Phoenix personal injury attorney. Depending upon the circumstances, compensation may be available for their losses. This is especially important if the victim suffers burn injuries or smoke inhalation. Medical bills and time away from work can add up quickly. Having the right legal representation will increase the chances of the victim receiving fair compensation in a reasonable amount of time.

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