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Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on November 14, 2016

Samsung, the massive company based out of South Korea whose Android smartphones are a major player in the U.S. market, is having a massive product-related issue. The Washington Post reports that the U.S. Consumer Safety Commission warns that the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 had a defective battery linked to multiple reports of burns, fires, and property damage. On September 2, 2016, Samsung announced a recall on the product, indicating concerns with the battery and offering to issue replacement units to all customers.

The company addressed the problem explaining that there is a safety risk which stems from the lithium-ion batteries overheating. Around that same time, the company halted sales and began a “trade-in” or exchange-style program.

Some of the incidents that have occurred so far include:

  • In Port St. Lucie Florida, the authorities were on the scene of a vehicle fire in a residential area. The vehicle owner claims that the phone was charging when it started a fire that quickly overtook the car. The Fire Marshall has not issued the findings of their investigation on the matter yet.
  • A man in Florida has filed a claim against the company as a result of his Galaxy Note 7 overheating and exploding while positioned in his pocket. Jonathan Strobel claims that his thigh and fingers were severely burned in the incident.
  • A Delta Airlines flight departing Norfolk, VA in route to Atlanta, GA, made an announcement to the passengers requesting that all Galaxy Note 7 devices be completely powered off.
  • Fox 10 Phoenix says the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has expressed concern by requesting that phones not be packed in checked baggage and that the devices be powered-off during flights. Further, they report that these incidents seem to be from overheating during charging or amid heavy usage.

An article by Android Authority reported Samsung is preparing for the emergence of potential class action lawsuits. Those who own this device are encouraged to visit the company website for a complete list of replacement options. The replacement phones will begin shipping on Wednesday September 21st.

Arizona Civil Law Changes

Coincidentally, here in Arizona, the state’s civil courts are just wrapping up their largest package of changes and amendments to the Civil Rules of Procedure in decades. The AZ Supreme Court has given their “stamp of approval” and the changes are slated to take effect in January 2017. One of the major components involves reforming the rules for class action suits in AZ.

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