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Rollover Accident

Flagstaff Sees Two Rollover Crashes in One Day

By Breyer Law Offices on February 28, 2013

As Flagstaff rollover crash attorneys, we rarely hear of two rollover accidents in one place at one time, especially involving semi-trucks, but that is exactly what happened Saturday, February 23, 2013, according to the Arizona Daily Sun.

One semi-truck rolled over at about 7:20 a.m., while another truck rolled over a few minutes later in order to avoid hitting it. Both drivers were injured as was a passenger in one of the trucks. They were all transported to a local area hospital for medical attention. We with all involved a quick and full recovery, and our thoughts are with their families at this time.
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Phoenix Rollover Car Crash Seriously Injures Four

By Breyer Law Offices on September 25, 2012

When passengers and drivers are ejected from vehicles during a Phoenix car crash, serious injuries almost always result in injuries, like a serious collision reported by KPHO News on September 2. The accident took place just after 8 a.m. when a car went off the side of SR-87 and rolled over. All four individuals riding in the vehicle were ejected during the rollover and officials did not report whether any of those involved were wearing a seatbelt at the time of the collision. All four people were taken to a nearby hospital for treatment. Two were flown by helicopter and two were taken by ambulance. We are deeply concerned for the physical status of those who were involved in this accident and wish each of them a quick recovery.

Phoenix Car Crash Facts and Stats

The Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports the occurrences of more than 31,050 Phoenix car crashes annually that cause injury to more than 16,050 individuals and the deaths of an additional 130 involved persons. Data also indicates that more than 2,600 accidents occur statewide each year that involve one or more vehicles overturning on the roadway or rolling off the roadway. Rollover collisions are reported to cause the deaths of approximately 185 individuals every year. These accidents are also reported to cause injuries to more than 2,500 individuals. Accidents on SR-87 are less frequent than accidents on I-17 and Loop 101 surrounding the Phoenix Metro area, according to local traffic accident reports. Read the rest »

Four People Injured in High Speed Rollover in Tempe

By Breyer Law Offices on September 7, 2012

With more vehicles out on the road during the summer months, Arizona rollover collisions are becoming more common, and we were deeply concerned by the results of a serious crash that happened on August 13, according to reports from ABC 15 News. The accident took place during the afternoon at the Scottsdale Road exit on Loop 202 when a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed hit another vehicle that was broken down on the side of the road.

Four individuals, all adults, were hurt in the collision and one person had to be cut from the vehicle. The broken down vehicle flipped over during the crash. There was no word on the seriousness of the injuries that were sustained in the collision. We are thinking of all those people involved in the crash tonight and we hope that they get better soon. Read the rest »

Woman Seriously Injured in Phoenix Rollover Collision

By Breyer Law Offices on August 17, 2012

Recent news reports indicate that the number of rollover Phoenix traffic collisions is on the rise and we are deeply concerned over the occurrence of yet another rollover that took place on August 11, according to reports from ABC 15 News. The accident happened on Saturday evening on westbound 32nd Street when a multi-vehicle car wreck caused a car to overturn. A woman who was involved in the collision was taken to the hospital and was in serious condition at the time. Police have not yet concluded their investigation into the cause of the accident. We are worried for the woman who was taken to the hospital and we wish her a speedy and full recovery in the coming days.

How to Avoid a Serious Phoenix Traffic Collision

Every year, more than 29,060 Phoenix traffic collisions occur, injuring more than 15,000 individuals who were involved, according to reports from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). Statistics indicate that nearly half of all crashes in Arizona are the result of a fender bender. In order to avoid being involved in collisions like this one, drivers must do more than be on their best behavior. Drivers must also watch out for other motorists who may not be as keen to follow the rules of the road. This requires complete attention, which in turn means that your cell phone has to be put away and your eyes and mind have to stay on the road. Read the rest »

Page Car Accident Results in Death, Serious Injury for Teenagers

By Breyer Law Offices on July 25, 2012

As experienced Arizona rollover accident lawyers, we were distraught over the results of a severe car crash reported by KPHO News on July 17. The collision occurred when a driver lost control and the vehicle overturned multiple times in Page, Arizona. Police have yet to determine who was driving. An 18-year-old male who was riding in the vehicle was killed in the accident. A 16-year-old girl who was also in the vehicle at the time of the crash was seriously injured and was taken to the hospital to receive medical treatment. Our deepest sympathies and most heartfelt apologies go out to the young man’s family and we truly hope that the young girl is able to pull through from her injuries.

Page Car Accident Statistics

Every year, the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) reports more than 20 Page car accidents. These accidents typically result in less than five injuries and five deaths every year, according to statistics, though current news reports indicate that the numbers may be significantly higher in 2012. More than 50 percent of collisions that happen in Page each year cause property damage but do not cause any injuries. Roughly 2,800 rollover accidents happen statewide every year and statistics indicate that nearly 2,600 injuries result from these collisions. Read the rest »

Roll-over Green Valley Car Accident Injures Four People

By Breyer Law Offices on June 21, 2012

As experienced Arizona rollover accident attorneys, we were shaken by news of a rollover collision that injured four people on Friday, June 8, 2012, according to reports by Green Valley News. The accident took place early Friday afternoon on East Frontage Road between Canoa Road and Continental Road when a single vehicle overturned in the roadway. According to initial police reports, the accident may have been caused by a malfunction of one of the rear tires on the vehicle. Police did not indicate whether speed or other factors contributed to the collision or if all of the occupants of the vehicle were wearing seatbelts at the time of the accident. The severity of the injuries suffered has not been released by investigating authorities, although reports indicate that three people were taken to the hospital. Our thoughts are with the individuals who suffered physical harm in this crash and we hope for them each to experience a speedy recovery. When you are in a car accident, just because you did not wear your seatbelt does not mean the injuries you sustained are your fault.

Pima County Car Crash Statistics and this Green Valley Car Accident

Green Valley car accidents contribute to more than 4,400 collisions that occur in the small cities and outlying areas of Pima County annually, according to recent data from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). More than one-quarter of these collisions are classified as injury accidents and roughly 2,000 people report being physically harmed as a result of being involved in a car crash in Green Valley or another small area of Pima County. In 2010, injury car wrecks in Pima County caused economic losses totaling more than $168.5 million. Read the rest »

At Least One Injured in Multi-Vehicle Rollover Phoenix Collision

By Breyer Law Offices on June 4, 2012

As Phoenix collision attorneys with years of experience handling personal injury cases, we are truly concerned for the people involved in a rollover crash that was reported by ABC 15 News on May 21. Initial reports from crash scene investigators indicated that the crash involved three vehicles and brought traffic to a standstill on eastbound I-10 for over an hour and a half during the Monday morning commute.

According to reports, one vehicle overturned during the collision and crash debris was thrown all over the freeway. Reports from police did not indicate the number of people who sustained injuries or the extent of their injuries, but at least one person was transported to the hospital. Police are still investigating the crash and have not yet reported on the accident’s cause. Our thoughts are with those hurt in the accident and we wish them all a speedy recovery. Read the rest »

Rollover Tucson Car Accident Severely Injures One

By Breyer Law Offices on May 7, 2012

As Tucson car accident attorneys with years of experience in dealing with personal injury cases, we were shocked by details of a collision on April 28 reported by KVOA News. Police arrived on the scene of the accident on West Ajo near its intersection with Valencia Road to find one vehicle completely overturned. More than one vehicle may have been involved in the wreck, but initial reports have indicated only one serious injury.

The person who was hurt in the rollover was transported to the hospital via life flight helicopter. There has been no report on how many people were involved in the crash or if there were other injuries to people involved. Traffic on West Ajo was slowed to a near stop for several hours while multiple emergency personnel surveyed the scene. Our thoughts are with the people involved in the wreck and we wish everyone a swift recovery. Read the rest »

Rollover Prescott Car Wreck Injures One, Raises Many Questions

By Breyer Law Offices on May 4, 2012

As experienced Prescott rollover accident attorneys, we are deeply concerned for the man who was injured in a crash reported by the Prescott Daily Courier on Saturday, April 27th, 2012. The man was driving an SUV near the Sierra Prieta Overlook when his vehicle went off the side of the road and overturned multiple times. According to initial reports by police, the SUV rolled over several times as it went down an embankment more than 200 feet in length. The driver was ejected from the vehicle and was discovered unconscious by emergency crews. A nearby bicycle race delayed rescue efforts by several hours. The driver was taken from the scene by ambulance to a local hospital where he was transferred to a higher-level facility by helicopter. Police have been unable to determine the exact cause of the accident, but other reports in the area indicate that a second vehicle may have been involved. It appears that an investigation into the accident is necessary, and sooner rather than later.

Prescott Car Wreck Statistics

Drivers who are involved in a Prescott car wreck have a one in three chance of being hurt, according to reports by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT). In 2010, that likelihood was even greater with 271 out of 760 car crashes resulting in serious injuries. According to statistics, two people were injured in every other accident in Prescott in 2010, on average, which resulted in approximately 375 injured persons. That same year, reports indicate that 64 percent of car accidents in the city resulted in property damage without causing injuries or deaths and only 2.6 percent of collisions caused the death of a person. Read the rest »

One Man Seriously Injured in Kingman Rollover Crash

By Breyer Law Offices on April 23, 2012

As Kingman rollover crash attorneys with many years of experience in Arizona, we are greatly concerned for the status of several people who were hurt in a collision on Sunday, April 1, 2012, as reported by the Kingman Daily Miner. The driver of the vehicle told police that she had swerved around a group of squirrels in the road and accidentally drove off the side of the road. The vehicle, carrying four people, rolled multiple times. One passenger was thrown from the vehicle during the crash and suffered multiple serious injuries. That passenger was taken by life flight helicopter to the hospital for treatment of severe injuries to his legs and spine. The driver of the vehicle and the other two passengers, including the son of the ejected passenger, sustained only minor injuries. We wish everyone involved a speedy recovery.

The Perils of a Kingman Rollover Crash

In any given year, a Kingman rollover crash contributes to just over 500 collisions that occur in the city, according to reports by the local and state departments of transportation. Very few accidents in this city end in death, although nearly 50 percent result in injuries. Reports by the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) show that nearly 300 people are hurt in crashes in Kingman every year. Accidents like this one typically cause severe injuries, and in 2010, rollover collisions in Arizona caused 145 deaths and 2,573 injuries. Read the rest »

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