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Slipping in a Retail Store Can Be Painful (and Expensive)

By Breyer Law Offices on January 22, 2019

The holiday season may be over, but that doesn’t mean the stores are empty. In fact, malls and shopping centers can be just as busy during the first month of the year as they were in the last. People return and exchange items, and often, they’re redeeming gift certificates and gift cards.

Unfortunately, these customers can return home with more than presents. Sometimes, they come back with injuries because the business didn’t show due care to ensure all its customers were safe while on the property. Read the rest »

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Chandler Recreation: Slip-and-Fall Accidents

By Breyer Law Offices on July 18, 2017

There are more than 60 parks in the Chandler community and they all offer a diverse range of recreational activities. There are dog parks, aquatic facilities, educational centers, swimming pools and spray pads. There’s a skateboard park, a veterans’ park, and wetlands. There really is something for everyone! Read the rest »

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Mesa Parks Are Good…Slips-and-Falls Are Bad

By Breyer Law Offices on July 5, 2017

There are many amazing parks to hike, picnic, and play in around the Mesa area. Water parks and neighborhood gathering spots offer water features and fun ways to cool down during the hot summer months. Some have fountains while others have small streams to play in. There are even faux waterfalls and fish ponds and splash pads! Read the rest »

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It’s National Safety Month, Part 6: Eliminate Trip Hazards

By Breyer Law Offices on June 29, 2017

Slips, trips, and falls are the leading causes of personal injury in Phoenix and in the United States. And while many don’t ever foresee themselves falling and sustaining serious injuries, it happens more commonly than people think.

June is National Safety Month, and a great time to start looking around the home and workplace for tripping hazards that could cause a slip-and-fall, and then removing them to make sure they never do.  Read the rest »

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Your Future After a Phoenix Slip and Fall Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on July 18, 2015

Most Phoenix slip and fall accidents are fraught with pain and suffering. Victims and their families are often left wondering what went wrong, how the accident could have been prevented, and who can be held responsible for the accident and injuries that followed. Without a correct understanding of the law and their rights, victims and their families can be taken advantage of, convinced that they either have no recourse for the accident or injuries, or that they are entitled to far less compensation for damages they suffered than is actually the case. Read the rest »

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Best Ways to Avoid an Arizona Slip and Fall Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on March 10, 2015

Phoenix Slip and Fall AccidentDebris, wet floors, raised carpets – there are far too many opportunities to have an Arizona slip and fall accident. So how do you avoid these incidents and just enjoy your day? Nobody wants to stay inside their whole lives just to avoid the possibility of being injured in an accident. Besides, there is the whole world to enjoy. Rather than live in fear, why don’t you check out this list of easy ways to protect yourself from a slip and fall accident this year and every year? You can use them every day to go through your days without worry. Read the rest »

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Advice for Victims of Globe Slip and Fall Accidents

By Breyer Law Offices on January 23, 2015

If you are involved in a Globe slip and fall accident, you may have to endure a stay in the hospital, followed by physical therapy and a long bed rest. Victims of slip and fall incidents that sustain serious injuries often feel helpless and don’t know where to turn for help. The trouble with these types of accidents is that it may be difficult to determine liability. However, you can improve your chances at a positive case outcome by following the tips below. Read the rest »

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How Yuma Slip and Fall Accidents Can Impact Your Small Children

By Breyer Law Offices on January 15, 2015

Arizona Child InjuryWhen you have small children, you want them to live every day with wonder and to never have to worry about being involved in a Yuma slip and fall accident. Unfortunately, small children already face a significant risk for being involved in these types of accidents. They love to run a lot, to slide on ice and slippery surfaces, and play in many areas where they probably shouldn’t. Serious slip and fall accidents involving young children are also common because young kids don’t understand the risks involved with hazards like puddles of water on the floor or broken tiles at the grocery store. Read the rest »

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Protect Your Elderly Loved One from a Kingman Slip and Fall Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on December 31, 2014

Arizona Slip Fall AccidentIf you have an elderly loved one, there are many different things that you worry about when it comes to their safety. But Kingman elderly slip and fall accidents shouldn’t have to be one of them. Unfortunately, for most individuals, understanding how to protect your elderly loved ones from being injured in an accident, especially one that involves a trip or slip hazard, seems hopeless and nearly impossible. After all, you can’t be with them every second of every day to ensure that they stay on their feet, and you also can’t confine them to a chair when they are still mobile. The truth is that, although you may feel out of sorts in this area, there are many things that you can do to help protect your loved one and make it safer for them to have in-home care, for them to live in a care facility, or for them to live at home. Here are the top things that you can do to protect your loved one and make life easier and safer for everyone. Read the rest »

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Arizona Slip and Fall Injuries during the Rainy Season

By Breyer Law Offices on August 4, 2014

As the climate gets more humid, there is a greater likelihood of Arizona slip and fall injuries due to wet surfaces from moisture and rain. It is very important to prevent slips and falls for you and your guests by making the right preparations. Here are a few tips that might help, although not all accidents are preventable or avoidable, unfortunately.

How to Prevent Arizona Slip and Fall Injuries

While not all accidents are preventable, there are a few things you can do to help minimize the risks. This includes making sure all the walkways around your house are clear for anyone who is visiting. This means picking up children’s toys, repairing any large cracks in your sidewalks, and sopping up any moisture on the floor. If it is rainy, sweep large puddles off the sidewalk. Inside your house, put down non-slip mats in the kitchen and bathroom where spills are more likely to happen. Also place these mats near the front and back doors so people can wipe their shoes when they enter. Clean up any spills immediately; keep a mop and some old towels handy. If you have any slippery stairways, mark them with a sign and warn guests of the danger. Read the rest »

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