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Avoiding Slips and Falls around a Hotel Swimming Pool

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 20, 2014

Arizona Slip Fall AttorneyAs Arizona hotel injury attorneys, we know that many injuries can happen around a hotel swimming pool. It is important for hotel guests and hotel staff to take safety precautions to avoid slipping and falling and possibly suffering serious injuries, which can lead to lifelong debilitating pain, as well as costly hospital and rehabilitation bills. The steps to protect yourself from injury are simple, unfortunately, not all slip and fall accidents are preventable or avoidable. Here are some ways to make yourself and your loved ones safer.

Never run near pool areas. Always walk slowly and carefully. Pool areas can be wet and slippery. This is especially true if you use the bathroom near the pool. Many people will not dry off before entering the bathroom, so floors can be extremely slippery. If you notice a wet area, notify the hotel management.

Wear shoes with a non-slip sole. Bring a pair of sandals with you that have a non-slip sole. These are great to wear immediately after you exit the pool. They can protect you from slipping, tripping, and falling. Hotel staff should also wear footwear with non-slip soles to prevent injury in the workplace.

Clean up wet surfaces or notify hotel management. If you own the pool, make sure to keep all entrances and exits, as well as bathroom floors, dry. If they are wet, place a caution sign and immediately mop up. If you are a guest, notify hotel management and let them know the floors are slippery. They should take care of it immediately.

Ask hotel management to place non-slip mats around wet areas. If you notice a particularly slippery area, such as the floor entering into the hotel from the pool, ask management to place a non-slip mat in order to protect you from slipping. This is something they should do to protect all guests.

If you are injured in an Arizona slip and fall accident, contact us at Breyer Law Offices immediately. We work tirelessly on behalf of our clients to obtain the significant settlement amount needed to help cover the costs involved with seeking medical attention and receiving rehabilitation services, as well as any lost wages. Contact us for a free consultation if you have been injured while staying at a hotel in Arizona.

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