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Flagstaff Personal Injury Safety: Icy Roads and Walkways

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 15, 2014

As Flagstaff personal injury attorneys, we know that ice can cause a lot of problems both on the roads and on the walkways. Whether you are driving or walking, it is impossible to avoid every accident, but there are plenty of things you can be aware of to reduce your chances of being seriously injured. Here are a few tips to share with your family as well as your employer and anywhere you do business.

Ice can be anywhere. That means that if it is cold outside, you need to plan extra time to get to your destination so you can drive and walk with care. Don’t hurry. And never speed. You can hit black ice around turns or catch in on an exit. Be extra careful. Don’t tailgate and don’t stop suddenly so people behind you rear-end you. When walking, watch for ice and do your best to avoid it. Ice can be extremely slippery, even if you are walking slowly.

Ice is often hard to see. Sometimes it is hard to spot ice, especially black ice on the roadways. Drive with caution, leave plenty of space between you and others, and never speed. When walking, try to walk near a handrail or something you can balance on in case it is slippery. If you do spot ice, go around it.

Help protect your guests and expect the same in return. You can protect anyone visiting your home or using your sidewalk (including the mailman) by shoveling the snow and salting the walkways. The salt can greatly reduce the amount of ice as well as give your feet a better grip when walking. Always have the salt in a handy location near your house so you can sprinkle it out in front of you as you go and avoid slipping yourself.

Wear appropriate shoes. Shoes with non-slip soles can definitely help reduce your chances of falling. Choose snow boots or even hiking boots. If you plan to wear dress shoes, put them in the car to put on later when you arrive at your destination.

Drop the bags! If you are carrying anything and feel yourself slipping, drop your items immediately. Don’t try to hold onto them. You risk breaking a hip or seriously injuring your back and neck if you hold onto them and they fall on top of you.

The Husband and Wife Law Team at the Breyer Law Offices, P.C. advises everyone to stay warm and safe and review wintertime injury prevention tips so they can pass the cold season without incident.

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