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4 Rules for When to Put a Stop the Arizona Swimming Accident Risk

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on November 7, 2014

Having fun in the sun is something everyone wants to do all summer long. But if you’re a parent, you’ve got to know when to put a stop to the Arizona swimming accident risks that your children and their friends face every time they get into the pool, and you’ve got to be strong enough to stick to your guns about it. When everyone is having a good time, it can be difficult to be the “bad” guy, but it’s important to remind yourself that you’re doing what’s right to help keep the kids you care about safe and sound in the pool, so they can enjoy the rest of their summer without incident. Here are four scenarios in which you should put your foot down and either stop the fun and fooling around or pull the kids out of the pool.

  • One of the kids in the pool is being pushed under the water as a part of a game or rough housing. If you ever see a kid being pushed under the water, you should immediately stop the “party”. Although it may seem like fun and games, this type of rough housing can lead to serious injuries, including drowning accidents.
  • Kids are running around the edge of the pool, where there is a lot of water on the ground. Slippery surfaces around the edge of the pool are one of the easiest ways for kids to get hurt. A slip and fall accident here could cause head trauma, a traumatic brain injury or even a drowning accident.
  • Kids are playing in the deep end of the pool when they don’t know how to swim. If you see children in the deep end of the swimming pool who should not be there, you should immediately ask them to move to the shallow end or get out of the pool.
  • Kids are playing in the pool without taking a break. Kids want to play in the pool for hours, but when kids get tired, so do watchful parents. It’s critical for the safety of the kids in the pool that everyone take a break every once in a while to ensure that you all get a chance to recuperate and be safe.

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