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4 Steps to a Wellton Swimming Accident-Free Spring

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 9, 2015

AZ Personal InjuryWe’re in the midst of spring and the temperatures are really starting to heat up, especially in Arizona. That means lots of people are starting to use their swimming pools again. Before you take a dip, make sure you give yourself a refresher on swim safety. There are plenty of ways that you can be injured if you’re not paying attention to your own safety while you are out on, or in, the water. But it really doesn’t have to be like that. Follow these four steps and you’ll enjoy the coming hot months without incident.

  • Get enough rest before taking a swim. When you swim while fatigued, you increase your risk of ending up in a bad situation. For example, if you swim out into the middle of a lake while you are fatigued, you may not have the energy to swim back to the shore. This could get you into serious trouble and even lead to a drowning accident.
  • Don’t push yourself past your limits. You know that in order to become a better swimmer, you have to push yourself. But if you go past your limits you could cause serious fatigue in your body that you won’t be able to recover from while in the water, which could be incredibly dangerous.
  • Don’t bog yourself down with food before you get in the water. You remember when you were little and your mother said it would cause cramping and illness if you eat within 20 minutes of swimming? Take her advice to heart. Cramping and fatigue from eating can impact your swimming capabilities, and put you in a dangerous position, especially if you are swimming alone.
  • Don’t fool around. When you’re with friends, fooling around in the pool may seem like the thing to do. But horseplay can lead to slip and fall accidents, head injuries, and poor decision-making that can cause drownings and other incidents.

In summary, protecting yourself from a swimming accident is truly about thinking ahead, using your head, and considering safety before you get into the pool. When you make safety and comfort in the water a priority before you make the first splash, you will have fewer concerns and a better time.

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