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5 Tips for Preventing Queen Creek Swimming Pool Accidents

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on May 13, 2014

Arizona Child InjuryIt’s that time of the year again where swimming pools are becoming more popular, and this means that parents throughout Queen Creek and the rest of the state of Arizona must start thinking about swimming pool safety once summer rolls into town. Arizonans, especially those living in Maricopa County, love their warm weather, and their children are constantly playing and engaging, expecting to have the opportunity to jump into the pool whenever they can. Before you give into your child’s wish to swim, here are some tips for their safety that you should consider.

  • Don’t let your children swim alone. Although many children may seem responsible or may want to be thought of as such, there is always a possibility of them getting hurt. By going with your kids to the swimming pool, you encourage them not only to behave appropriately but also to stay safe from start to finish.
  • Never leave young children unattended near open water for any reason. Even within the briefest moment, a child can get into serious trouble without proper supervision.
  • Set rules for your children about how they should interact with water and how they should interact with other people around water. When you set boundaries, you are helping your children develop a mindset for safety when they are in the swimming pool.
  • Provide punishments when your children do not follow the rules or do not act appropriately around swimming pools. It’s most important to ensure that if you tell your children that there will be consequences that you stick to them. Water safety is no laughing matter and consequences for poor behavior will get the message across.
  • Make sure your children are properly outfitted. If you have unsure swimmers, give them flotation devices and even give them water walking shoes so that they can get their balance on the bottom in shallower water.

Remember, your children need you to provide them with care so they can prevent injury or worse while playing in the sun. Keep your kids safe by setting boundaries and following your gut.

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