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Do You Know Your Pool Rules for Summer?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on July 1, 2019

Summers are hot and dry in Arizona, so it’s not surprising that of the ten American cities with the most backyard swimming pools, six can be found in the Phoenix area! A survey by Realtor.com included Scottsdale (#2), Tempe (#3), Chandler (#4), Glendale (#5), Gilbert (#6), and Mesa (#9)! In case you were wondering, #1 was Coral Springs in southern Florida.

While swimming pools can help you survive Arizona’s stifling heat, they can also lead to serious injuries and even death. That’s why The Husband and Wife Law Team wants to share these quick tips with you, whether you’re a homeowner with a pool or a parent of a young child.

Rules for Pool Owners

All households with pools should practice safety measures that lead to injury prevention. Here are some rules to minimize the chance of an accident happening in your pool:

  • Homeowners with a pool should educate guests about the depth, lighting, and appropriate times for pool use.
  • The pool should be secured with fencing or a barrier to keep people out at inappropriate times, and to prevent individuals from accidentally wandering into the water. There are many unfortunate circumstances where children and adults have drowned because they fell into a swimming pool.
  • No matter their age, no one should ever swim alone.
  • When the pool is in use, always have someone present who is trained in water safety and life-saving techniques.
  • Homeowners should be informed if certain guests cannot swim before they enter the pool to prevent an unintentional drowning.

Rules for Parents & Babysitters

First of all, never leave a child unattended while in the pool! One second of a child being unsupervised can lead to a fatal accident. The installation of pool and gate alarms to alert homeowners when children go near the water can also be very beneficial to keeping little ones safe around the water.

  • Children should be taught basic water safety tips and kept away from drains, pipes, and other openings to avoid entrapments. If a child is missing or not responding to being called, the first place to look for him/her is in a pool or spa.
  • Make sure there’s appropriate safety equipment for the pool or spa to keep children safe. Spas should have lockable safety covers and be kept in good working condition. Pool drain covers should comply with official safety standards. If you are unsure if a drain cover is appropriately safe, simply ask the pool service provider.
  • People at family events tend to lose track of their children or perhaps think a family member or friend is watching them, when in reality no one is. At family events, it is a good idea to have an individual adult watch an individual child rather than believing that all adults present are keeping an eye on the children.

Don’t Neglect Arizona Pool Safety

In Arizona, there are companies that offer pool nets that will cover the pool entirely. This can be an extra precaution to pool gates. There are also special locks on doors that can prevent child injuries in the pool. A pool is basically a pit of danger to a young child who cannot swim, so the pool should be considered a very serious threat and safety should always be considered.

If you have questions regarding swimming-pool-related injuries, don’t hesitate to contact the Phoenix swimming pool injury attorneys at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. – (602) 457-6222.

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