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Crosswalks and the Right of Way for Arizona Pedestrians

By Breyer Law Offices on February 12, 2013

When you’re driving down the streets of Arizona and you come to a crosswalk with no lights or stop signs, do you breeze right through, or do you slow down and watch for pedestrians?

Arizona Pedestrian Crosswalk LawsMany drivers in the state and throughout the nation simply drive through crosswalks. In many situations, a pedestrian may even be in the crosswalk and a car will drive around that individual. Arizona law, however, provides restrictions for the right of way, especially when it comes to pedestrians at crosswalks.

According to ARS 28-792, drivers who approach a crosswalk with no signals must slow down for a pedestrian approaching or in the crosswalk. Pedestrians, too, have a responsibility to keep themselves safe and to never enter the road when it would be unlikely that an approaching car could stop for them. The same law also prohibits drivers from overtaking those stopped at a crosswalk. Drivers must allow pedestrians in the crosswalk to safely cross the road and be out harm’s way before continuing.

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