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Injured by a Negligent Driver in a Car Accident, But Don’t Have Health Insurance? (Part 3)

By Breyer Law Offices on November 10, 2009

A personal injury attorney can help make the process a lot easier and a lot less stressful. An experienced car accident lawyer will know how to secure medical care and treatment, including surgeries, surgical facilities, orthopedists, neurosurgeons, anesthesiologists, pain specialists, and other medical providers, for their injured client. In these situations, a lien is typically put on the case. That means that the hospital, doctor, and any specialists who provided medical care will be paid once the personal injury claim is settled. So the doctors and hospitals aren’t providing services for free, they are simply allowing the injured person to “buy now and pay later.”

These liens are not usually necessary if the injured person has health insurance. If the insurance provides the injured person with good quality care, then a lawyer will most likely not have to get involved. And, in fact, it’s best for a lawyer not to have to get involved in the medical treatment of a client. Why? Because when a lawyer gets involved in the medical care aspect of a client’s personal injury claim and refers that person to a certain doctor or specialist, then the defense may try to argue that the lawyer sent the injured person to the most expensive doctor possible in order to recover more damages. At Breyer Law Offices, we’d never do this – we only send clients to quality doctors who provide the care that a client needs. But we still must be careful in these kinds of cases because we don’t want our referral to impact an injured person’s possible settlement. But when an injured client has no insurance, there’s really no other alternative and we must help that client find a doctor who can help them get better. We never want someone’s lack of ability to pay to impact their health and welfare.

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