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Understanding Liens and Paying for Medical Bills after a Chandler Car Accident

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on February 1, 2010

Liens are rare when health insurance is available. In cases where an injured victim needs medical care but does not have health insurance, most experienced and well-connected Phoenix personal injury lawyers will not need to get involved in the medical aspect of the case. In most cases, a personal injury lawyer will want to avoid anything that could appear as if he or she were simply trying to get more money for the injured party.

Even if a kind-hearted personal injury lawyer refers a client to a doctor to ensure that their medical condition is treated, a jury may believe the lawyer was attempting to increase the medical expenses in the case and thus increase the total payout, even if this is not the case. It is for this reason why personal injury lawyers must be extremely careful when they get involved in the medical aspects of their clients’ car accident cases. Good personal injury lawyers will do everything possible to ensure that their clients get the best possible medical care available, even if their clients are unable to pay without the help of a lawyer.

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