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What Should I Do After a Chandler Car Accident If I Need Surgery But Do Not Have Health Insurance?

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on January 29, 2010

The best personal injury lawyers in Arizona care about their clients’ medical conditions. Even if a lawyer wins every case, yet ignores his or her clients’ medical prognosis, that lawyer is not among the best. Conversely, an inexperienced lawyer who fights to the end with every legal tool available to make certain that his or her client gets the best medical attention available, deserves significantly more credit.

A top injury lawyer will do more than just ensure that the legal claim is resolved. While the best personal injury attorneys will certainly make sure that their seriously injured clients receive the most compensation allowed under the law and protect their rights, they will also involve themselves in the medical aspect of the case when necessary.

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Two Different Insurance Companies May Cover the Same Medical Bills

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on December 23, 2009

In our previous post, we discussed how Arizona law makes available several options for individuals who are injured in an auto accident in Arizona and have health insurance available to them. The most common possibility when a person is injured is that the injured person will realize the advantage of having two different insurance companies that are required to cover the same medical bills.

This course of action logically benefits the person who took the initiative to make sure they were properly insured in the first place. When this is the situation, the collateral source rule comes into play. When it pertains to a car accident case, this would mean that the insurance company for the at-fault driver must still pay all medical bills that are judged to be reasonably incurred as a result of injury suffered at the hands of their insured. At the same time, the injured party’s health insurance also bears the responsibility to cover those same bills. Since doctors do not need to be paid twice for their services, additional monies can often be used to help compensate the injury victim.

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Learning More About Health Insurance Coverage and Auto Accident Claims

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on December 22, 2009

Arizona law provides various avenues for persons who are seriously injured in a car accident and have health insurance available to them. They may also make use of the insurance policy of the person who caused the incident. Under the law, both the injury victim’s health insurance and the negligent party’s insurance may be responsible for paying medical bills incurred following an accident.

In this type of situation, there are three possibilities that the law may allow. The possibility that applies depends on the circumstances of the case. On the one hand, the law could stipulate that, the presence of a health insurance policy notwithstanding, the health insurance provider does not have to pay the medical bills resulting from the accident. This rarely happens. The possibility that a judge will excuse a health insurer from paying anything is a common misconception that experienced Peoria, Arizona auto accident lawyers help to address. The reality is that filing a claim with a health insurance provider is almost always the first line of defense. Even if the policy includes the right to partial or even full reimbursement, using health insurance will almost always eliminate delays and afford the best possible care of all. Therefore, the possibility that a health insurance provider will completely escape responsibility for payment and should not be notified is a slim one at best.

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