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Deadly Rollover Semi-Truck Collision in Tonopah

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 26, 2018

Three trucks were involved in a fatal crash on April 17, 2018, near Tonopah, Arizona. One semi-truck rolled over on I-10 near milepost 79, causing two other trucks behind it to collide. The driver of the third truck died because of the impact, which pushed the second truck into the first and caused injuries to the other drivers. Roads were closed for several hours while emergency responders attended to the victims and crews cleaned up debris.

Rollovers can occur for many reasons, including tire blowouts, speeding around tight turns, driving while distracted or intoxicated, or swerving to miss objects in the road. While the second truck driver was able to stop in time, the third truck was not able to stop and collided with both the other trucks.

Remember to Leave Space to Stop

Drivers should remember the safe-driving-distance rule of thumb, also known as the “three-second rule.” This rule specifies that drivers should ideally stay at least three seconds behind the car in front of them to avoid a collision if the driver in front has to stop suddenly. For example, if you are traveling at 55 mph, you should leave these distances:

• 70 feet or 5 car lengths between you and a snowplow
• 243 feet or 16 car lengths between you and another car
• 300 feet or about 20 car lengths between you and a semi-truck
• 500 feet or about 33 car lengths between you and an emergency vehicle

Keeping these distances means it is more likely that you will be able to stop and avoid a rear-end collision with someone in front of you. It’s also a good idea to switch on your hazard lights as soon as you are able to if someone has stopped suddenly or experienced a collision in front of you. That will let cars behind you know there is a problem and to slow down and stop immediately. If possible, you can also pull off the side of the road or take an exit so you are not hit from behind. Also, make sure your vehicle is in good working condition and that your tires are inflated to the appropriate levels so you can avoid blowouts and malfunctions that might cause rollover accidents.

The Husband and Wife Law Team helps many clients who are hurt in rollover, semi-truck, and rear-end collisions. We work to get them a settlement that helps pay for damages and hospital bills, as well as extensive rehabilitation therapy. If you have legal questions about a situation, please give us a call.

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