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Trucking Fatalities Continue to Rise Despite Decreases in Overall Automobile-Related Fatalities

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 26, 2020

We all hear about fatal auto accidents on the news, and it often makes us wonder – is the number of accidents getting better or worse? Are all the laws on texting and driving, additional enforcement of drinking and driving, and other safety measures making a difference? According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), the answer is a complicated yes – fatalities from automobile accidents are decreasing with a 2.4% reduction in 2018.

Unfortunately, truck accidents are on the opposite curve and are getting worse with a .09% increase in large-truck-related fatalities in a recent year. To make matters worse, those who suffer in large truck collisions aren’t usually the truckers – it’s the drivers and passengers of the vehicles that they hit. 62% of all automobile-related fatalities that year were the drivers and passengers of cars and small trucks, while only 3% were commercial or large vehicle occupants.

Common Causes of Trucking Fatalities

While there are many opinions regarding why trucking accident fatalities continue to rise, some experts have noted that our economy continues to move increasingly toward home deliveries and shipping. Not only does this increase the volume of product that gets moved around the country on big rigs, but it also increases the pressure put on the drivers to make their deliveries on time. Statistically, alcohol-related collisions decreased in 2018, which indicates that some of the other common causes of truck accidents may be on the rise, including:

How to Increase Safety on the Road

Despite truck-related fatalities being on the rise, there are many things you can do reduce the risk:

  • Practice defensive driving
  • Avoid being next to or directly behind large trucks, and especially avoid being in their blind spots
  • Wear your seatbelts! In a recently reported year, almost half of those killed in automobile-related accidents weren’t wearing their seatbelts. More to the point, 87% of survivors in fatal automobile accidents were buckled up.
  • If you see any indicators of truck drivers being tired, texting while driving, or doing anything else that puts your life or the lives of others at risk, don’t hesitate – call the police.

If you want to take a longer view of the situation, do anything you can to back up local and national policies to increase regulations and safety on the road. Truck drivers have vehicles that weigh up to 25 times the weight of the average car, and they must be made to drive responsibly and ethically.

What to do If You or a Loved One Are Hit by a Large Truck

If you or a loved one has been hit by a large truck, you are probably going through one of the most challenging and traumatic experiences of your life. The catastrophic nature of trucking accidents usually results in severe injury and disability that can change a person’s life for the worse. Survivors, as well as the families of those who didn’t make it, deserve justice for their losses – which is why the Husband and Wife Law Team of Breyer Law Offices PC have devoted their careers to helping victims.

Accidents involving big rigs can be complicated, and the last thing you want to deal with is legal paperwork, filings, and deadlines – which is why we recommend hiring a Phoenix truck accident attorney as quickly as possible. We will work with you to take the burden off your shoulders and recover the maximum fair compensation for your injuries and help you make the best of this tragic situation.

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