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How to Deal When There’s No Break Between School and Sports

By Breyer Law Offices on September 27, 2015

Arizona Child InjuryOnce school starts and your kids go full swing back into sports and other activities, it can be difficult to get a handle on everything that’s going on. But, if you think you’re exhausted after an afternoon of chasing your kids from soccer to karate to ballet before doing homework, imagine what they’re going through. Read the rest »

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Teenager Dies in Flagstaff Sledding Accident

By Breyer Law Offices on February 4, 2013

We were deeply troubled by the news of a Flagstaff sledding accident that took the life of a Tempe teenager on Monday, January 21, 2013, according to news reports from ABC 15 News.

The incident occurred on Monday afternoon when the teen went on an outing with several of his classmates and two parents. Reports indicated that the teen hit a tree while traveling at a high rate of speed. He was transferred to a local hospital for emergency surgery to treat severe internal and external injuries, but was not able to recover the serious wounds he suffered. The accident occurred on a hill not far from Interstate 17.
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Fatal Camp Verde Helicopter Crash Caused by Pilot Error

By Breyer Law Offices on August 1, 2012

At the Breyer Law Offices, P.C., we were saddened and shocked to hear that a recent helicopter accident was caused by pilot error, according to reports from Arizona Central News. The crash happened in early July 2012, killing four people, and has been under investigation ever since. Reports from the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), released on July 23, indicated that the pilot was flying too low and hit a cable pulley system in a canyon before crashing. A final report on the crash has yet to be released. We are truly distressed over the deaths of the three passengers and pilot and our deepest and most heartfelt sympathies go out to their families through their continued grief.

Helicopter Accident Statistics and This Camp Verde Crash

This Camp Verde helicopter crash was not the only crash that has occurred in recent months in the state of Arizona. Recent news reports indicate the occurrence of at least four additional accidents involving helicopters between civilian aircraft and military aircraft since May, though these figures are not complete. Recent national statistics reported by the American Helicopter Society (AHS) indicate that 8.09 civil helicopter accidents occur for every 100,000 flight hours logged and that nearly 1.5 fatalities are experienced in the same number of hours nationwide. The number of civilian helicopter crashes is much higher than that of commercial airliners, where the accident rate sits at 6.22. Read the rest »

Glendale School Bus Accident Injures Five

By Breyer Law Offices on September 29, 2011

Did you know that school buses are the primary means of transportation of more than 22 million American every day? Most parents prefer to send their kids in school buses since they believe that it is much safer than other transportation available to young children. As Glendale bus accident lawyers, unfortunately, we see many times that children are injured while riding a school bus.

A Glendale school bus accident took place Monday morning, September 26, 2011. The bus crash occurred at about 6:50a.m. A dump truck rear-ended a school bus near the intersection of Missouri and 57th Avenue. Several people were injured and the majority of those injured were school children. As per the reports of Glendale police, two children were getting on the bus when the bus was rear-ended. Two more children, including the school bus driver, were injured. Although the injuries sustained were not serious, the individuals were taken to the nearest hospital for treatment. We hope everyone involved has a speedy recovery. Read the rest »

Finding the Right Lawyer for Your Wrongful Death Case

By Breyer Law Offices on November 26, 2009

Unfortunately, there’s no formula for legal success if you’re a grieving family. The decision to retain a lawyer often feels like a necessity on one hand, and a chore on the other. The most important consideration is whether or not the one you pick is the right fit for your family.

Find out if the wrongful death attorney in Phoenix you want to hire has handled past wrongful death cases so that legal knowledge and experience will never be in question. We believe it is far too easy to mislead a grieving family into believing they should bring a claim when no claim is warranted, and that’s a mistake. Use your instincts. Is the advice you’re getting honest and straightforward? Read the rest »

A Wrongful Death Attorney Can Help You

By Breyer Law Offices on November 25, 2009

In many cases we’ve seen, the potential client is aware they need to hire an Arizona wrongful death lawyer. They’re aware that tragedy was brought on by the reckless behavior of another party or parties. They already have questions that only a lawyer should answer. Finally, many potential clients are all too aware that they’ll need serious compensation to overcome the financial void created in the wake of their unfortunate loss.

The knowledge that money cannot undo a painful tragedy often makes people think finding a lawyer is not vitally important. Money can never change our feelings; that’s a claim no one would support. What’s imperative is that potential defendants in wrongful death lawsuits limit the harm they suffer, whether financial or emotional. Read the rest »

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