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How to Avoid Falls and Common Arizona Workplace Injuries

By The Husband and Wife Law Team on April 10, 2013

Many people experience Arizona workplace injuries for many different reasons. However, slipping or tripping is a major cause of falls and a major cause of many serious injuries, including back and neck injuries, as well as concussions and broken bones. As Arizona personal injury attorneys, we know it’s not just workers who have manual labor jobs who get injured. It’s also people who work at desks. Slipping and falling can happen because of wet floors, tangled computer cords, uneven flooring, dangerous stairways, and more.

Here are some tips about how to avoid a workplace slip and fall injury:

  • If you notice computer cords near your feet or in a path where you are about to walk, look down and make sure you don’t trip over them. Ask someone to move them so no one is injured.
  • If there is uneven flooring, loose tiles, stairways without railings, or any other type of unsafe walkway in your office building, alert the management immediately. Avoid the area until it is fixed.
  • Never walk on non-carpeted floors that are wet. This includes in the kitchen and bathroom areas. It is easy to slip and fall on wet floors, so notify the management of the building and alert anyone else who might be walking through the area that it is slippery.
  • Be careful of any high shelves that could easily topple. If shelving is not secured to the wall, ask management to secure it so it doesn’t pose a risk to you and other employees.
  • Do not place heavy boxes on top shelves. This reduces the chance that you or someone else could have something heavy fall on top of you.

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