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Arizona Personal Injury Book Reviews

The 13 Biggest Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Arizona Injury Case

A $15.95 value provided free of charge as a public service to accident and injury victims. Free of charge offer to Arizona residents / injury victims only.

"The 13 Biggest Mistakes That Can Destroy Your Arizona Injury Case written by The Husband & Wife Law Team contains the best legal advice and strategies from seasoned, tested trial attorneys who are clearly zealous advocates for their clients. This 'Master Guide' is a gift to Arizona injury victims, the bench and the bar. Everyone who reads this book will find value in this primer of personal injury law and the lessons learned through many years of advocacy on behalf of injury victims. This book serves as an equalizer in the David and Goliath legal system. Finally, there is a comprehensive guide for injury victims empowering them with knowledge about the complexities of the legal system while offering practical and sound advice about how to protect their rights from start to finish."

- Ericka M. Jackson, Assistant Dean of Admissions
Wayne State University Law School

"As a lawyer, I am keenly aware of how difficult personal injury cases can be. For the unexperienced there are many land mines that canderail the successful handling of a personal injury claim. The 'Master Guide' by Alexis and Mark Breyer is an indispensable guide that will help its readers avoid those land mines. Too often, I have seen unrepresented victims or inexperienced lawyers make major mistakes that prevent an injured party from receiving a just result. This book walks you through the process and identifies all of the mistakes you must avoid. It is a must read for any Arizona personal injury victim."

- Michael Sherman, Attorney at Law.


"I can't think of any additional information that I would include in the book. I would encourage people to read your book."

- Jim L, Scottsdale, Arizona

"Very useful."

- Cas C., Phoenix, Arizona

"The most useful part of this book is mistake #12, not consulting with an attorney! It covered everything I needed to know. I told a friend who had a friend hit by a car and they left him on the side of the road. Very informative and a lot of information. I wish I had it last year."

- Goldie, Phoenix, Arizona

"Very useful guide."

- Robert G., Phoenix, Arizona

"Valuable resource. Comprehensive."

- Doug W., Gold Canyon, Arizona

Well worth reading.

- George W., Phoenix, Arizona

This is the time to read "The 13 Biggest Mistakes that can Destroy your Arizona Injury." Do not wait for an unforseen misfortune to occur to read and learn about the legal process that entails in an automobile accident or when you or your loved ones become a victim of an injury. The book is written in plain English language and is easy to understand and well organized.

- Cynthia R.

I would recommend this book to others because of statute of limitations info (p. 142 and p. 143.) The most useful part was at what point should one look for an experienced personal injury lawyer (p. 150). . 

- Terry P., Lake Havasu City, Arizona

Great information. I felt as though you were talking to me not at me. Easy language anyone can understand with ease. Get the book, accidents just happen, that's why they are called accidents . 

- Donna T., Phoenix Arizona

Valuable, pertinent, accurate information. Well advised to read to become more educated about personal injury . 

- Robert L., Phoenix, Arizona

It is important to have knowledge what to do if ever in an accident. Read it before you need it!

Corrine, Tempe, Arizona

This book is very informative. I wish I had heard of it prior to my pending case. It is a must have especially for someone who does not know the Arizona system or how other states work down to choosing a good attorney.

Renae, Phoenix, Arizona

The most useful part of the Master Guide was Mistake #3, Failing to Understand the Rules of the Game and Mistakes #12 and #13 which are choosing an attorney. The book provides basic, useful information in an interesting fashion. The book is full of useful and necessary information to anyone who finds themselves the victim of someone’s negligence.

Brenda, Ahwatukee, Arizona

Obtain this before before choosing an attorney

Annie, Phoenix, Arizona

I requested this book because of the death of my daughter. The most useful part of "The Master Guide" is Failing to Choose the Right Lawyer and especially Wrongful Laws. People should be more aware of how to choose a lawyer that is an expert in the area of law that they need.

Muriel, Phoenix, Arizona

The "Master Guide" is informative and very easy to read and understand. Failing to Pursue an Injury Claim, Failing to Hire the Right Attorney and Failing to Consult with a Lawyer were the most useful parts of the "Master Guide."

- Robin, Phoenix, Arizona.

Everything I believe is covered fully. The information is very helpful for someone who does not know the law.

- Don, Mesa, Arizona

The most useful part of the master Guide was the gentle way of saying keep your thought to yourself when dealing with doctors and insurance companies. It was well organized and easy to understand.

- Laure, Tucson, Arizona

We were in a car accident years ago. I had to read your book to see what we should have done to recover all our loses, which were not nearly recovered. The car injury section was the best.

- Anonymous, Chandler, Arizona

Thank you! The book was well organized and easy to understand.

- Clarence, Surprise, Arizona

It is good to be aware of all 13 biggest mistakes. Definitely would recommend the book. It contains info everyone should have.

- Patricia P., Peoria, Arizona

Great info!

- Dr. Greg H., Phoenix, Arizona

The book is very informative.

- Patricia P., Chandler, Arizona

The book is clearly written.

- Anonymous, Phoenix, Arizona

The most valuable part was near the end when it was well explained when and when not an attorney is needed for injury accidents. You need this book.

- Anonymous, Arizona

If involved in a personal injury case get this book A.S.A.P.

- Paul F., Florence, Arizona

ORDER YOUR CAR ACCIDENT/INJURY GUIDE TODAY! A $15.95 value, it is provided free of charge to Arizona residents.

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