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Information About The Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide

Alexis and Mark Breyer have written a no-nonsense, straightforward book that details many different Arizona laws as they relate to motorcycle riders. This book gives Arizona riders critical information about appropriate insurance coverage, the "no helmet law," and answers to pressing questions all riders have.

Fifty pages of vital information you need to know as an Arizona motorcyclist to make decisions, either to protect yourself if you have ever been involved in a serious accident or to make important choices after a collision. You have a right to know the good and the bad. Expect honest answers and real analysis in this book.

This book discusses:

  • A la carte insurance coverage
  • Property damage for bikes
  • "The Big Lie" about Arizona's "no helmet law"
  • What should you do after a motorcycle accident
  • What NEVER to do after a motorcycle accident
  • How negligent drivers can get away with hurting innocent riders
  • When hiring a lawyer is the right thing to do

This book provides insightful tips about how the system works, the false assumptions most people have about the legal system, the traps for the unwary making insurance claims, the legal system, motorcycle injury case pitfalls, and helpful steps in finding the right personal injury attorney for a given case.

More About the Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide

You have the right to know the truth. Far too much information that is provided to people in Arizona – and in all honesty, throughout the county – from lawyers is about how great the lawyers believe they are at winning cases. Lawyers share information that basically amounts to little more than a glorified resume. They rarely seem to share information that can actually help people. We believe in a very different approach. That is why we have written The Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide. That is why we have this website. That is why we offer to speak at motorcycle clubs and events through the State of Arizona for absolutely no charge. People who ride have a right to know the laws that affect people who ride.

One of the most important things that we discuss in the guide has to do with the Arizona motorcycle laws. In fact, in the motorcycle guide, we call it "the big lie." Everyone is led to believe that they are allowed to ride without a helmet in Arizona. For those who believe that there are no consequences to riding without a helmet, they should know about the "hidden" law that is used to punish those who have done nothing wrong. Riding a motorcycle is not illegal! Riding without a helmet in Arizona is not illegal! People who hurt motorcyclists who have not broken any law should not be allowed to get off without any responsibility for their actions, yet this is what happens in our Court system every day because of the hidden ways the helmet laws can be used against motorcycle riders. Understanding the ramifications of these laws – including the lie about Arizona helmet laws – empowers those who enjoy riding motorcycles throughout Arizona.

We encourage you to order your copy of The Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide at absolutely no cost. While we would be happy to share with you our long list of awards and accolades, this site and our book is not about us but about providing real information. In the end, a lawyer's advice is irreplaceable. In a time of serious need, it is the best place to turn. However, the information a lawyer has should be shared with people so that they can use it for their advantage. It should not be hidden from members of the general public and it certainly should not be hidden from those who ride motorcycles. It is our goal to provide you with as much real information as possible and we hope we have met our goal through this site and our motorcycle guide. If you would like to learn more about The Husband & Wife Law Team, Alexis and Mark Breyer, click above on the "About the Authors" section.

Common questions after a motorcycle accident are answered in the Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide:

  • What should you do if you are with somebody who is hurt in a motorcycle accident?
  • If you are the one who is injured, what should you do?
  • Should you speak to the insurance company, should you be taking photographs?
  • Should you talk to the police?
  • What are you allowed to tell your doctors?
  • What about the insurance companies?
  • Do you need to hire a lawyer and what lawyer is most qualified?
  • Is it okay to give a recorded statement to your own insurance company prior to hiring a lawyer?
  • Are insurance companies legally allowed to record your conversation?
  • How long is the other driver's insurance company allowed to wait before they repair a motorcycle that was damaged by their insured's negligence?
  • Is the rider entitled to a rental vehicle or motorcycle in the event that they do not have another vehicle to drive?
  • What if they have another vehicle but they would to prefer to ride a motorcycle or simply want the money for the motorcycle that is in the shop?

All these questions answered and more....

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