Arizona Motorcycle Accident Book Reviews

The Arizona Motorcycle Accident Guide

A $15.95 value provided free of charge as a public service to motorcycle accident and injury victims. Free of charge offer to Arizona residents / injury victims only.

  • A must read if you ride or are even considering a motorcycle.

    - D. Stucker
    Kingman, Arizona

  • I didn't realize how much about this subject I didn't know. The book has a lot of good information

    - Thomas I.
    Sierra Vista, Arizona

  • The most useful part was Helmet Law vs. Insurance Companies. I am already addressing members of our riding group.

    - Glen S.
    Surprise, Arizona

  • Reading it is a must.

    - Gary S.
    Kingman, Arizona

  • Love your newsletter and am still reading the book.

    - Denise S.
    Prescott Valley, Arizona

  • I think you had all the information in your book!

    - Kenneth S.
    , Arizona

  • If you ride a bike or drive a car, read the book.

    - Tammy P.
    Clifton, Arizona

  • I already recommended this book to all the MMA-AZ Eagle District.

    - Cherie D.
    Goodyear, Arizona

  • Already I have mentioned the actual ramifications of the laws effect on suits vs. the written permission to ride sans helmet as a legal adult.

    - Bradford M.
    Casa Grande, Arizona

  • This book is very useful. Everyone should read it not just bikers.

    - John H.

  • It is very informative. A must have. 

    - Leo D.

  • All riders need to be informed. Read it.

    - Sheryl D.

  • The unwritten helmet law was the best part of the book. There are laws and issues most motorcycle riders do not know about. The most useful part of the book was the insurance section. Read it and learn from it. It could save everything you own and your way of life.

    - Bud
    Kingman, Arizona

  • Great information.

    - Michael B
    Glendale, Arizona

  • Very illuminating.

    - Katie

  • I want all my friends to read your book.

    - Roy
    Tucson, Arizona

  • Too many people handle things on their own and don't understand the process. This book gives insight into how to handle a personal injury claim and when to get help.

    -Bruce S.
    Glendale, Arizona

  • It's important to know the law before it happens so you don't do something stupid. Read it!

    -Reed K.
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • The books has information for all riders. Good tips on how to protect yourself in the case of an accident. The best part is the truth of the "Helmet laws."

    -Kimberly B.
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • This book covers everything and much more... Great information about the whole accident process and useful tips along the way.

    -David W.
    Chandler, Arizona

  • There are things in the book insurance companies don't tell you.

    -Albert B.
    San Tan Valley, Arizona

  • This book is very informative with information most people don't know...if you have a bike it is a must read.

    -Tori M.
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • This books covers everything!

    -Andy S.
    Mesa, Arizona

  • If you drive or ride a motorcycle you should get this book. If you move here from another state, it helps you understand the different laws. The whole book is useful.

    -Randy S.
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • The amount and types of insurance needed was really useful.

    -Dan P.
    Tucson, Arizona

  • Read it today as you might need it tomorrow! The legal world is a place unknown to outsiders. Going without a lawyer is travelling without a nap.

    -Donald L.
    Chandler, Arizona

  • Reading about the helmet law was very informative.

    -John M.
    Prescott Valley, Arizona

  • The best part if the explanations of the types of insurance. The book is well organized and easy to understand

    Wayne T.
    Prescott, Arizona

  • Knowledge is power! You must read this book.

    -name withheld

  • I absolutely would recommend this book. You can't have too much info and even if you read the book and get just one "I did not know that" it will be time well spent.

    -Fred F.
    Florence, Arizona

  • Read this book and learn.

    -name withheld

  • The most useful part about the book is how the other drivers insurance company can turn the tables and make me a victim. Absolutely great info. A must read! You might need the info someday if not now.

    -name withheld

  • Good resource.

    -name withheld

  • Useful information that may be needed in the future.

    -name withheld

  • Great, knowledgeable, informative in case of an accident and what steps to take. I highly recommended.

    -name withheld

  • Very clear, valuable information and easy to understand.

    -name withheld

  • I would recommend this book to other people because there is a lot of little stuff to learn about. It will help you out to let you know if or when you need to get a lawyer.

    -name withheld

  • The entire book is useful. I found myself jumping all around to find answers to questions that I had and I found the answers.

    -name withheld

  • This is great information that everyone should be aware of. There are so many accidents in Arizona and some knowledge of what to do if it happens is important.

    -name withheld

  • I have already shared this book with a few people and talked to someone you have already helped. You are highly recommended.

    -name withheld

  • Important to learn the statute of limitations. Easy to read and a lot of valuable info.

    -name withheld

  • Not one section was "best" - it was all valuable.


  • I have recommended it to others.

    -John D.
    Gilbert, Arizona

  • The best part of the book was the uninsured/underinsured info and the hidden helmet law.

    -Tuesday L.
    Surprise, Arizona

  • There are laws I didn't know prior to reading the book.

    -Karen K.
    Coolidge, Arizona

  • The best part of the book is learning about helmet and insurance laws.

    -Kathleen M.
    Phoenix, Arizona

  • The book was very informative.

    -Frank I.
    Wittmann, Arizona

  • Great information in the Arizona Motorcycle Accident Book.

    -Larry A.
    Page, Arizona

  • Very informative.

    Chino Valley, Arizona