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Protecting Bullhead City Pedestrians and Their Rights

When we are little, our parents always teach us to check both ways before crossing the street. As adults, that advice becomes a habit. But what happens when that caution doesn’t help us? Sometimes a car is moving faster than we think, takes a sudden turn out of a nearby driveway, or even runs a red light. Bullhead City pedestrian accidents are often devastating and fatal. After being involved in such an accident, you may wonder: what are your options now?

Thankfully, we at The Husband & Wife Law Team have the expertise to tell you. We have worked with many clients injured in pedestrian accidents in the past and helped get them the compensation they both deserve and need. If you have been injured in a pedestrian accident and want someone to fight for your right to compensation, call our Bullhead City pedestrian injury lawyers at (602) 457-6222. We’re here to help.

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Pedestrians Are at Risk

When two cars collide, the people inside the cars have the benefit of all the safety technology that has been developed over the past several decades. There are airbags, seatbelts, crumple zones, and a protective, metal exterior. Pedestrians aren’t so lucky. A pedestrian, whether they be on a bike, scooter, or on foot, have next to nothing to protect them from the full force of a vehicle that weighs several thousand pounds. When pedestrians are hit by vehicles, they may experience injuries such as:

  • Broken bones
  • Brain injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries
  • Road rash
  • Crush injuries
  • Organ damage
  • The loss of a limb or amputation
  • Permanent scarring and disfigurement

That is, if the pedestrian survives. Pedestrian accidents can be fatal and often are. When a pedestrian is killed in a collision with a car, it may qualify as a wrongful death case in which select family members of the deceased can still file a claim in order to receive damages. These damages can go a long way to covering funeral costs, lost household income, and emotional trauma.

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Where Pedestrian Accidents Happen

You may assume that pedestrian accidents most commonly occur at intersections, but the opposite is actually true. Drivers know to look for pedestrians at crosswalks, intersections, and areas with yield signs, so they are a little more cautious in these areas. Collisions with pedestrians actually are more common in areas with little or no traffic control.

These accidents also more commonly happen at night or during poor weather. If drivers have a hard time seeing the road ahead of them, they may not notice someone crossing the street. Of course, drivers should always be more cautious during times of poor visibility in order to keep themselves and others on the road safe.

Even if your pedestrian accident happened while you were jaywalking, that does not mean you should assume that you cannot recover damages. Arizona is a comparative negligence state, meaning that even if you hold some part of the responsibility for the accident, you will still be able to get compensation.

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Pedestrian Rights in Arizona

Arizona has several right of way laws when it comes to pedestrians. Knowing these laws can help protect you, as it can keep you from accidentally breaking them and then ending up in a collision. That being said, drivers also have a duty of care towards pedestrians, so breaking these laws does not immediately mean the driver who hit you has no responsibility for your injuries.

Yield signs: A yield sign indicates to drivers that pedestrians may be crossing that section of the road, whether there is a marked crosswalk or not. That means you are free to cross the road at yield signs and drivers should come to a complete stop when they see you.

Crosswalks: Crosswalks are designed specifically to make space for pedestrians that need to cross a road, so when in a crosswalk, you always have the right of way. Drivers are expected to come to a complete stop when you are in the same half of the road as them or when you are close enough that it would be considered possibly dangerous to drive.

Intersections: Pedestrians have the right to cross at intersections, so long as it is clearly safe to do so. But a pedestrian should wait for the road to be clear of vehicles before crossing. If there is a crossing sign, then you should wait until you are given the signal to cross.

When not to cross: If you are crossing a road at a spot that is not marked with a sign or crosswalk, and is not an intersection, then you no longer have the right of way. In these situations, pedestrians are expected to wait at the curb until it is clearly safe to cross. Pedestrians should wait for that section to be clear of oncoming traffic before crossing and make sure to check both ways as well. However, you should remember that even if you broke a pedestrian law while crossing, you may still have the right to receive compensation.

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Pedestrian Accidents and Liability

Liability in pedestrian accidents is often fairly straightforward. Drivers have a duty of care to those they share the road with. When that duty of care is broken, whether it be through negligence or deliberate action, they are responsible for the damages they caused. If you were crossing the road and were hit by a driver, then that driver is most likely liable for your injuries.

If the driver left after hitting you, performing a hit and run, then you shouldn’t assume you don’t have any options. You may still be able to recover compensation, either when they find the driver or by filing a claim with your own insurance company. How ever your pedestrian accident happened, receiving proper compensation will require the expert legal help of a skilled Bullhead City car accident attorney.

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Ready to Help Injured Pedestrians in Bullhead

Pedestrian accidents are no laughing matter. Those unfortunate enough to become victims of such collisions will likely be dealing with the consequences of the accident for years to come. If you or a loved one have been injured in a Bullhead City pedestrian accident, you deserve justice. Call (602) 457-6222 to schedule a free consultation.

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