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Car accident claims and lawsuits can be very complex and time consuming. It is for this reason that The Husband & Wife Law Team takes a team approach towards car accident cases to ensure that every client gets the best representation we can provide.

The Husband & Wife Law Team Difference

There may be some law firms where an attorney may handle every aspect of all the cases that he or she takes on. For some people, this may sound ideal. As experienced Chandler car accident lawyers, we do not believe it is. We believe that lawyers should do what they do best, which is to litigate, analyze complex legal options, and to perform the duties that only an attorney can do. Attorneys should spend their time formulating the best arguments for their cases, doing legal research, and leading their team in such a way that every conceivable option is investigated on behalf of their clients, whether it be for an accident case, a slip and fall injury, or another personal injury or wrongful death claim. Attorneys who refuse to delegate duties can often find that they are unable to keep up with their cases, and that they are even unable to return phone calls or answer their clients' questions. It is important that a personal injury lawyer focuses on the big picture, and allows competent staff to deal with issues like paperwork or filing, so that the he or she can concentrate on what is best for the client.

There are also firms about which we have heard where the attorney does very little. Sometimes, the office staff handle every aspect of the case, even though some may not be completely qualified to do so. We have actually spoken to people who tell us that they have never spoken to an attorney throughout the course of their case. We have spoken to personal injury victims years into their cases who have not met, spoken to or seen a lawyer. Some people do not even know if a lawyer has even looked at their case. Abdicating responsibility for a serious injury claim to people who are not lawyers is not a team approach, and it is certainly not the best way to deal with personal injury claims.

In our opinion, the best Chandler accident lawyers will work toward doing the finest legal work they can on every case they take on. To help them, they would utilize well-trained and knowledgeable paralegals throughout the process, and ensure that there is ample support staff to run the cases through. We believe that everyone on our team should do the task for which they are best suited. To use a sports analogy, would a football team that wants to win the game put their star quarterback on the offensive line? Or for that matter, would a team that wants to win make an offensive lineman a wide receiver? We understand at The Husband & Wife Law Team that every person has his or her own strengths and skills. For example, Mark Breyer is a certified specialist in Arizona personal injury and wrongful death law. Fewer than two out of every hundred of all Arizona lawyers have been certified by the Arizona State Bar as specialists in personal injury and wrongful death litigation. Our "quarterback" is handling the strategy for our personal injury clients in order to ensure that our team both scores and wins. Now, just like any other football team, though a star quarterback can certainly turn around a game, that quarterback can do nothing without the support of the other players. So too with our firm. The Husband & Wife Law Team of Alexis and Mark Breyer involves much more than Mark Breyer's certified specialist status. Both Mark and Alexis Breyer have dedicated their time and energy towards providing Arizona car accident victims and other personal injury victims with the best possible service since our office began in 1996.

The people who engage The Husband & Wife Law Team as their personal injury law firm do not just benefit from the experience of one top lawyer. They have two extremely experienced injury attorneys who have made sure that over a thousand accident victims' cases were handled in the best possible manner.

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In addition, our lawyers and paralegals work on every aspect of the case together. We do not permit our paralegals to do legal research or craft legal arguments on their own. These tasks should be done only under the direction of or specifically by a lawyer. That said, our skilled and dedicated paralegals know what questions they can answer directly and will ensure that all important questions will be answered by a lawyer. Please contact our Chandler law office today to discuss your claim. Our legal services are provided on a contingency fee basis - no fees unless we win.

We take great pride in the substantial number of satisfied clients we have assisted. We realize that this is not a fluke, and that our clients are satisfied because of our dedication to them. The Husband & Wife Law Team makes it a top priority to ensure that Chandler car accident victims treated fairly, that their cases moved forward as efficiently as possible, and that all of our clients are given the means to seek the fullest compensation available under the law.

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