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Legal Help for Injured Construction Workers in Chandler

Chandler, Arizona has seen a great deal of growth in recent years. That growth brings many jobs for people in the construction industry. Construction sites, however, are very dangerous, and construction workers are at constant risk of injury on the job site.

People working in the construction industry often believe that the only recourse if they are injured on the job is workers' compensation. However, the reality is that many construction site injuries in Arizona not only allow workers' compensation claims, but also allow for personal injury claims to be made in addition to workers' compensation.

Workers' compensation claims for construction workers who are injured on the job site are very important for the injured worker as well as the worker's family. Workers' compensation provides for medical care, though it does not always provide for the best possible medical care, and will also provide for lost income, though it does not always allow for full payment of all wages lost. If a personal injury claim can provide better medical care and payment of the full amount of income lost as well as monetary compensation for pain, suffering, frustration, loss of life's enjoyment, and other aspects affected by a construction accident injury in Chandler, it is beneficial for the injured worker to do so.

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Worksite Violations in Chandler

Often, accidents on construction sites are caused by other subcontractors or others who fail to follow OSHA regulations and other laws related to worker's safety. Sometimes personal injury claims can be made in addition to rather than in place of workers' compensation claims. When reasonable care is not taken to prevent injuries on a construction site, personal injury claims can often be made in addition to workers' compensation claims without a construction worker losing any rights to claim under workers' compensation.

Personal injury claims can be made in all types of construction accidents. It is often vital, however, to get a lawyer to look at your claim to determine whether you can claim more than just workers' compensation.

The type of construction accident that occurred is not important as to whether an injured worker can file a personal injury claim. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, as Chandler construction accident lawyers, we understand that accidents resulting in injuries on construction sites can involve trenches, defective scaffolding, falls from a variety of heights, collapsing floors and walls, electrocution, heavy equipment accidents, crane accidents, falling equipment, and numerous other dangerous occurrences. Construction sites offer a number of dangerous situations. Even if everything on a construction site runs smoothly, there is still no guarantee there will not be any on site injuries.

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File a Chandler Construction Accident Claim

Injuries often occur because a subcontractor gets careless and leaves the site in an unsafe condition. One of the ways to lessen the chance that someone will get hurt in the future at a construction site is to make sure that those people who caused the unsafe working conditions are held accountable. Without some element of consequence for negligent behavior, construction accidents will continue to happen due to negligence.

By filing an injury claim in Chandler, The Husband & Wife Law Team not only help the people they represent, but also help other construction workers. When careless contractors or subcontractors on a site are held to account, this has a deterrent effect, and can help prevent future accidents, as it will make those in charge of a work site ensure that it is as safe as possible. As Chandler continues to grow, personal injury law firms like The Husband & Wife Law Team will continue to fight for the rights of construction workers injured in accidents, and in so doing will make construction sites safer in Maricopa County, and throughout Arizona. Call (480) 496-7310 today to discuss your legal matter.

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