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Filing a Chandler Swimming Pool Accident Lawsuit

Swimming pool accidents cause devastating injuries to children. When a child drowning takes place, it is a tragedy regardless of how or why it happened. A number of these swimming pool accidents are entirely preventable. When parents, caregivers, and property owners take the necessary steps to add layers of protection around the swimming pool, it helps prevent these terrible drowning and near-drowning incidents. If they fail to take these steps, they may be held liable in such cases.

The experienced Chandler swimming pool accident lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team help determine fault and liability after an incident. Swimming pool accidents, in addition to the pain and heartache they cause, can also result in significant medical expenses for the victim's family. If your child has been injured in a pool accident, please contact us at (480) 496-7310 for a no-cost consultation and case evaluation.

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Supervision and Safety Precautions

The key to swimming pool safety is proper supervision. Even a momentary lapse can result in a horrible tragedy. It only takes a few seconds for a child to slip underwater and drown.

Arizona Statute 36-1681 requires all pool owners to:

  • Enclose their pool with at least a five-foot wall, fence or other barrier
  • Have no openings in the wall, fence or barrier that are larger than four inches in diameter.
  • Have a self-closing gate that self-latches. The latch must be at least 54 inches above the ground.

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Protecting Your Rights After a Swimming Pool Accident in Chandler

In the aftermath of a tragic drowning, the victim's family may not know what to do. They may feel overwhelmed and a lawsuit may be the last thing on their minds. However, it would be in the best interests of injured victims and their families to discuss their rights with a Chandler personal injury attorney at The Husband & Wife Law Team, who will give them an honest evaluation of their options.

No amount of money can replace the life of a loved one or fairly compensate for suffering, but a fair settlement can prove useful in a number of ways. It not only compensates the victim or the family for their losses, but also helps hold the wrongdoers accountable, create public awareness and prevent such incidents in the future. Please contact our Chandler swimming pool accident lawyers at (480) 496-7310 today to obtain more information about your legal rights from The Husband & Wife Law Team.

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