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It can be a challenge trying to find a Chandler product liability lawyer. There are differences between a typical personal injury case and a product liability case, so choosing the best possible attorney to represent someone injured due to a defective or negligently made product requires careful consideration.

Product liability claims require proof that a product was defective. There are three common ways in which this can be done that will allow someone seriously hurt by the product to recover damages for their injuries.

Claiming for a defective design is one way. Products that are designed in a defective manner hurt many, many people. In this situation, a person who was seriously hurt by a dangerous and defective product may learn through the investigation of a skilled Chandler personal injury lawyer that this same product injured other people throughout the United States.

There are times when a product was designed safely, but it was then manufactured defectively. In this type of situation, the product is normally safe, but when it came off the assembly line or otherwise while in the manufacturing process the product acquired a defect to a specific part that made the product dangerous. When this happens, a person who was injured by the product may find that there was no pattern of injury geographically, so that other similar injuries involving the product will be scarce, if they can be found at all. This one item out of perhaps thousands or even millions just happened to come off the production line with a flaw that caused injury.

Another way in which a product can be considered defective is when there is a lack of a warning label. This type of product is inherently dangerous unless used in a specific manner. If used incorrectly, the product can cause injury. A warning label can help prevent injury, so that the user of the product does not use it in a manner for which it was not designed.

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Investigating Product Liability Claims in Chandler

It is imperative to find a skilled and trusted lawyer when you want someone to represent you in matters of product liability law in Arizona. Should you or someone you know have been seriously injured or even killed due to a defective product, it is almost certain that it will take a great deal of time, money, and a detailed investigation to prove that the product was indeed defective.

At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our Chandler product liability attorneys never force our clients to pay our fees upfront. The very nature of personal injury litigation means that most people would be unable to afford our hourly rate. That is why we pride ourselves on the fact that not one of our clients has ever paid us a single dollar out of their pockets until their cases were resolved by a settlement or a court ordered award. Every dollar we have earned since the day we opened our offices has come from contingency fees collected through our recovery of damages for our clients.

When it comes to product liability cases and other personal injury cases that we handle, The Husband & Wife Law Team knows that nearly all of our clients will be unable to afford the tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of dollars it can cost to pursue a claim. We take upon ourselves the entire risk of pursuing a claim, including the fact that we pay the costs up front. Call our Chandler product liability lawyers at (480) 496-7310.

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