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The Future For You and Your Family After a Fall Injury in Chandler

Being involved in a slip and fall in Chandler is the last thing on your mind until the moment it happens. Like most things though once it happens to you and you are seriously injured, how it happened, why it happened and who is at fault for your pain and discomfort is the forefront of your mind. That's the way it should be too.

Many of us fall down, but it's one thing to fall on your own accord and another thing to know that you wouldn't have fallen but for someone else's fault. Typically, it is a situation where the someone else knew that there was a dangerous condition created and just let it sit there and do nothing about it – waiting for someone to be injured. That some is you or your family member. That's probably why you are on this page looking for more information.

If you are the victim of a trip and fall, your life could change in just a matter of moments and it is very frustrating to know you wouldn't have been hurt if someone else cared enough to take the necessary steps. Whether you experience trauma to your bones, back, neck, internal organs, or head, your injuries can impact your ability to lead your life to the fullest, hold down a job, and move through your life towards the future. In other words, it can stop you, and your life, in your tracks. If you slip and fall, you're going to need help understanding what has happened to you and how to move forward to get your life back to where it was so that you can continue to move forward. And if someone else's negligence caused your injuries, you're going to need help understanding your rights in such a situation and the responsibility of the person whose actions, or inaction, hurt you. Call (480) 496-7310 to speak with a Chandler slip and fall lawyer at The Husband & Wife Law Team after an accident.

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What's Considered a Common Slip and Fall?

As a child you probably knew that the opportunity to slip and fall was everywhere. And today, as an adult, when you see children playing you know that the opportunity is everywhere. But we don't truly think about this happening to children, and as adults, we rarely think of the reality that we, too, are at serious risk of being injured. Even during a bad winter, when we see the patches of slick ground or ice, we don't always think twice before stepping on them. So what's to stop us from being involved in other types of common accidents? There are many instances for why people slip and fall. Just look at this list and you'll start to understand just how common slipping and falling is for everyone and how others are negligent.

  • Slick walkways and floors. Water puddles on the floor during the rainstorm, due to a spill or leak, as a result of ice or melting ice, and due to the degradation of the flooring. Degradation of flooring can happen over time and due to excessive traffic. Just think how the carpeting in your home begins to wear down due to excessive foot traffic. The same is true of tile flooring at the grocery store and even the sidewalk.
  • Debris and other items blocking the walkways. When there is packaging from products on a store floor, or there is merchandise left on the floor, or even trash, or other items (think about the trip hazard and toe-stubbing hazard kids' toys play at your own home or the homes of friends) left on the floor, the risk for tripping, slipping, and falling is increased exponentially. If there is something on the floor depending on the circumstances, it may be the homeowner or store employees who are responsible for making sure those items were not in the pathway where individuals would typically be walking.
  • Stairwells and escalators being improperly maintained or kept up. Often times stairwells have loose carpets, tiles, and rugs, and may have unsafe, or no, handrails. Stairs may be cracked. Escalators at times may be running when the establishment knows that there is a mechanical problem and that the escalator should not be used at all or service needs to come back to inspect the escalator for potential mechanical problems.
  • Lighting issues and other visibility problems in the area where you are walking so that you have little to no opportunity to notice these types of problems. Many times a bulb may go out creating a very dark area. Other lighting problems may be that there was never a light installed and it is very dark so no one could see.

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Has Your Life Changed After Your Slip and Fall in Chandler?

When many people think about being involved in a car crash, they understand how a person can be seriously injured. Many people never think about how seriously injured a person can be from falling until they fall and are very hurt.

There are hundreds of people each year who are seriously injured, and some who never recover after slipping and falling. But how can this happen? It's just a fall, isn't it? Here are some of the most common injuries that we see from a slip and fall. Seeing that others have sustained significant injuries may further assure you that you are not alone and that you are doing the right thing by looking into whether or not an attorney can help you recover monies from the person or company responsible for causing you to fall.

  • Injuries to the spinal cord, back, and neck. These types of injuries can leave you paralyzed, or may cause you great suffering for the rest of your life. The majority of individuals who sustain even minute injuries to these areas of the body experience ghosting pains, or real pains, and even limited mobility for the rest of their lives.
  • Tears in your ligaments, tendons, and muscles. One of the most common types of injuries that individuals sustain when they fall down is a sprained ankle. But also common is a tear to the ligament in the ankle, or a broken ankle. When you sustain these types of injuries to the ankle the recovery period starts at a base of typically six weeks, but there may be weeks, months, and years of dealing with your injury. Some victims of serious injuries to the muscles, tendons, and ligaments may experience repercussions for the rest of their lives, such as swelling at the site during certain times of year. These types of injuries are not limited to the ankle, however, and you may also be injured anywhere else on the body where ligaments, muscles, and tendons exist. Most commonly, knee injuries, wrist injuries, and elbow injuries are counted among those sustained.
  • Head injuries are more common than you might believe when it comes to falling down. When you fall you may hit your head on a building, shelving, a car, or even the ground, or possibly anything else around you. Whenever your head impacts an object or the ground it is important to have a doctor check you out to ensure that you have not suffered a concussion or other types of injuries.
  • Broken bones. Any impact that is severe enough can cause a break in a bone. Depending on who you fall you could experience broken bones in your arms, legs, neck, back, collarbone area, ribs, and anywhere else on your body.

When you sustain injuries in a Chandler slip and fall accident, it is important to understand that the likelihood that you'll be up and walking around again the next day is very slim. This typically means that the victim will experience both physical pain and mental stress, which can lead to excessive emotional suffering. The stress that comes with being injured can be one of the most difficult parts of your recovery, and can make it more difficult to recover.

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What Do These Injuries Really Mean for You?

If you're injured you are hoping that your injuries heal. Of course, that's what everyone wants for you. That being said, many injuries never heal fully. Many people who are facing a permanent injury are worried about all of the other impacts on their lives. Some of the consequences of your injuries may include:

  • Loss of your ability to hold down a job or go to your job, which in turn will result in lost income, and an impaired ability to provide for your family and to pay your bills.
  • Loss of bodily function and mobility. Many injuries make it difficult to maintain your usual level of physical activity or to use your body in the way that you need to or want to. Think about a time when you enjoyed hiking or swimming and how an injury might stop you from doing this ever again.
  • Stress experienced both mentally and emotionally, in addition to physical stress that is caused by your injuries, may make them worse, and will certainly impact your recovery speed.
  • A change in the level of your quality of life. When you're unable to work, unable to enjoy the same activities, and have to focus on appointments with doctors and taking pills, the quality of your life may decrease substantially.

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What's Owed to You After an Accident Caused by Someone Else's Negligence?

When it comes to accidents, at first, we tend to think of them as mistakes, and not everyone understands that when the actions, or inaction, of another person causes an accident and the injuries that come with it, that others can be held responsible for the outcome of the accident and for the aftermath. When you think of an accident as merely a mistake, you may not realize that the at-fault party could owe you substantial funds to pay for your medical expenses, replace your income, take care of your bills and interest on unpaid balances during your recovery, ensure that you can put food on the table, and help you to seek emotional and mental assistance so that you can make it through your recovery and become fully healthy again. You may even be able to seek monetary compensation from the at-fault party if you need in-home caregivers or need to place your child in childcare services while you are in recovery.

Injured victims typically first file a claim with the establishment where they fell. Some people are hurt at stores, restaurants and other retail business places. Others can be hurt at schools, public events, or even at someone else's house. It is important to know that all these places may require a different statute of limitations. If you fall at someone else's house, you likely have a two year statute of limitations. If you fall at a governmental entity establishment, you likely will need to file what is call a Notice of Claim within 180 days and then file a lawsuit or make sure your claim is settled by the one year mark.

There are different statutes of limitations for minors, private individuals or companies as compared to governmental entities so it is important that you understand that as once a statute is missed your right to recover is forever gone. Many victims do not understand this and are distraught when they find that they are no longer able to seek recompense for what happened to them. We can't tell you how many people have called us up to help them and we have to tell them that we can't help them because the statute of limitations has passed. Many people are wrongly advised about the statute and others just don't realize a statute exists at all.

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Contact a Chandler Slip and Fall Accident Attorney at The Husband & Wife Law Team

It is so important to reach out to an accident lawyer in Chandler with experience handling cases where negligence caused a trip and slip incident. A personal injury attorney can help you to get the compensation you need to recover your damages and expenses related to the accident. Our legal services are provided on a contingency fee basis - no fees unless we win.

If you want help after you have been hurt from a slip and fall, you can reach out to The Husband & Wife Law Team at (480) 496-7310 for a free review of your Chandler personal injury case. With help from dedicated lawyers like those at The Husband & Wife Law Team, you can look forward to getting the compensation you deserve and making a full recovery sooner. If you just want your questions answered and some guidance, we are here for you as well.

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