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Legal Representation After a Chandler Big Rig Accident

Many Maricopa County residents are seriously injured or even killed tragically each year by semi-trucks. The truck drivers and trucking companies have an important job to do, and as lawyers we have no problem with the trucking industry in and of itself. We understand that truck drivers have a difficult job, and that a big part of their job is on the road, where their vehicles can be a danger to other drivers. Something with which we do have a problem, is when some truck drivers break the law, which can cause terrible and tragic consequences.

If you have suffered serious injuries in a big rig collision, speak with an experienced Chandler truck accident attorney at The Husband & Wife Law Team at (480) 496-7310.

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The Dangers of Fatigued Truckers in Chandler

Truckers are not driving a normal vehicle. Semi-trucks have such a weight and mass that almost any collision can end with tragic results. Too often, truck accident lawyers find in their investigations of crashes that driver fatigue is the cause. Sometimes drivers fall asleep. Other times, drivers use drugs to stay awake, and in so doing violate federal law by driving over their mandatory hourly limitations so that they can earn more. This is inexcusable. No one should be behind a the wheel of a machine that will almost certainly cause serious injury or death if they are so tired they cannot stay awake. Sometimes companies are complicit in this behavior, and actually encourage their drivers to drive over the federal limitations on hours a trucker can spend behind the wheel so that the company can reap higher profits.

When someone is injured seriously or even killed in a trucking accident, there are a number of differences between this kind of accident and other motor vehicle accidents. In nearly all trucking collisions, it is important to hire an experienced attorney to fully investigate the crash. Truck drivers and the companies for which they work should never put their profits ahead of the lives of innocent people on the roadways.

It is important not only to hold dangerous truck drivers and the companies for which they work accountable for the injuries and damage they cause, but in order to deter future wrongdoing. Without some disincentive to drive extra miles, fatigued truckers will continue to cause collisions on our roads, causing injury and death to people.

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Contact Our Chandler Truck Accident Lawyers Now

It is important not to delay in pursuing legal action after any serious trucking crash. The trucking company may destroy vital records and other information if someone waits too long before filing a claim. A vital first step after any truck accident is to find a Chandler truck accident attorney you can trust who will give you honest advice on what you should do with your injury claim.

Many times, the trucking company will have a head start, having their lawyers with expert witnesses on the scene soon after any trucking accident. Other times, the trucking company will destroy relevant records as soon after the accident happened as they can, and getting an experienced personal injury lawyer in Chandler will enable you to level the playing field between you and the trucking company, and their insurance company. Call The Husband & Wife Law Team immediately at (480) 496-7310 for assistance.

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