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Construction Site Roof Collapse Accidents

Construction sites have many serious injury accidents as well as fatal injuries that occur, many of which come from roof collapses. The entire roof, or sometimes the ceiling, will collapse due to a structural failure which can lead to very serious injuries or even death. Construction sites are very dangerous because of the nature of the business. Based on reports, 1 out of every 10 construction workers are likely to be injured. These reports are from the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health, commonly known as NIOSH. In 2005, it was said that there were 1,224 fatal construction injuries. Fatal construction site injuries are higher than any other business field.

Many construction sites have procedures and policies that are not safe, which can cause roof collapse and construction site injuries. Although workers compensation may be available to an injured construction worker, the laws for workers compensation do not give injured workers enough money. When you have been in a construction site injury, you need an experienced attorney to help you. Mark Breyer, a skilled Phoenix construction site injury lawyer, understands construction law. Recently, The Husband & Wife Law Team took an Arizona construction injury case to trial and won a $1,900,000 verdict. The claim was for serious injury at a construction site against a subcontractor and the general contractor of the site. The case involved a collapse at a construction site where the construction worker fell many feet, landing on his back. The construction worker was lucky to be alive after the fall.

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Filing a Roof Collapse Injury Lawsuit in Phoenix

Roof collapse injury cases can be complex. A Phoenix accident attorney needs to prove that someone did not build the roof properly. Many times, it is also vital to know all the different subcontractors. Arizona workers compensation can be complicated, but if you hire an experienced Phoenix construction site injury lawyer, they will be able to explain to you all the different ways workers' compensation is intertwined with Arizona personal injury law. It is important that if you are injured or have a family member who has suffered a fatal injury due to a roof collapse that you hire a knowledgeable lawyer.

There have been numerous construction sites where owners decided to cut costs instead of building the site to the best standards. Today we have OSHA which helps put better safety measures in place; however, there are still many construction workers who receive serious injuries at construction sites. Many construction workers may also sustain fatal injuries.

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Find Out What Our Phoenix Lawyers Can Do For You

Roof collapse requires extensive investigation. Roof collapse typically turns into a serious or potentially fatal injury for many people on the construction site. Many workers die from this. Some may not die from the actual roof collapse, but they may fall and sustain serious injuries. Every construction site injury is different, but what remains the same when you are involved in a serious construction site accident is that you find an experienced Arizona construction accident injury lawyer to be on your side.

Call now for your free legal consultation on your Phoenix construction site injury claim. Mark Breyer is a lawyer and certified specialist in injury and wrongful death law, and can answer all your case related questions for FREE.

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