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Representation for Victims of Phoenix Staircase Accidents

There are numerous hidden dangers on many construction websites, including unstable scaffolding and faulty temporary stairs. Just like in any other construction accident, a stairway collapse can cause serious injury or even death. Below you will find information about your rights when it comes to construction stairway collapse accidents in Phoenix.

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Defective and Unsafe Staircases

Often stairs on construction sites are built bit by bit as they are utilized as a means to temporarily get between floors on a construction site. Building stairs in this manner too often results in incomplete safety mechanisms, such as lack of rails, or even shoddy construction, and this can be especially dangerous for those workers who may have to climb the stairway several times per day. When a construction worker falls due to a failure of the stairway structure or because a railing was not used, he or she can experience severe injuries. The worker may fall several stories and in doing so is likely to suffer injuries such as bruises and scrapes, broken bones, paralysis, nerve damage, traumatic brain injury, or in the most extreme cases even die. Some types of injuries are easily treated, but others can have permanent effects, impacting on an individual's everyday life, including the person's ability to work and otherwise contribute to their families.

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OSHA Violations

Contractors and others charged with maintaining safety on construction work sites are required by the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) to do so at all times and throughout the work site. By not providing safe and stable stairways where necessary, contractors open themselves up to liability if someone is injured, and their lack of making a stairway safe can be deemed negligent. Workers injured due to a collapsing stairway on the job may file a civil lawsuit to recover costs resulting from their injury. The claim for damages in an accident may include such obvious costs as emergency room treatment or necessary surgeries, but it may also include such things as loss of wages, job retraining or vocational rehabilitation, or even pain and suffering.

As knowledgeable Phoenix construction accident attorneys, The Husband & Wife Law Team understands how injuries from collapsing stairways or even the lack of a railing on stairs on construction job sites can cause long lasting health problems. We combines our years of experience with lots of preparation, detailed investigation and evidence collection, and solid representation for all our clientele. It is our detail-oriented approach and strong commitment to our clients that has enabled us to collect many favorable settlements and verdicts in construction site injury cases.

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Find Out If You Have a Phoenix Stairway Collapse Accident Case

If you think you may have a viable stairway collapse accident case but have questions about how to proceed, our Phoenix stairway collapse accident lawyers can offer you answers about what kind of claim you should make, your rights when it comes to a construction accident injury, and how the injury may affect your financial future. You may have the right to pursue a personal injury claim under certain circumstances, which will provide you with greater legal avenues than simply filing for workers' compensation. We invite you to contact The Husband & Wife Law Team at (602) 457-6222 for additional information and free, confidential case evaluation.

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