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Trench and Excavation Accidents on Construction Sites

It is often required that trenches be dug on construction sites in order to bury electrical wires, conduit, plumbing, or to gain access for another reason to an underground area. This usually is a routine task performed by a backhoe, excavator, or another method. As with other regular tasks that take place on construction sites, accidents can and do happen. Trench accidents can cause on the job injuries, and it is important for construction workers and their families who have been affected by this type of construction accident to know more about their legal rights.

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What Are Common Causes of Trench Accidents?

The most common causes of trench accidents happen due to trench collapses, defective digging, and equipment problems. Sometimes a trench accident has multiple causes, and a collapsing trench can cause severe injuries or even death, burying construction workers under many feet of dirt and debris. Common injuries in trench accidents include brain injury, broken bones, nerve damage, paralysis, facial disfigurement, and even death.

Though some trench accidents on construction sites are inevitable, most trench collapse injuries are preventable. Accidents happen when inexperienced workers fail to assess the ground's strength before they dig, digging in areas where the soil is soft and wet. Many companies fail to follow OSHA standards by not having a competent person assess the ground before digging, failure to use the correct equipment, or otherwise making decisions or failing to take necessary precautions that then endanger the health and lives of construction workers working on the site. Such uneducated or ignorant decisions can create a situation in which a construction worker is buried alive. Those who survive a trench accident may have lifelong health problems that require numerous medical interventions, including surgery, and may also attempt to recover both physically and emotionally from the effects of a trench accident.

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Who Is Responsible For Construction Accidents?

The contractor on a construction job site is responsible to provide a safe workplace for all those working there. By filing a personal injury lawsuit, an injured worker is not only able to recover compensation for their injuries, but he or she is also sending a warning to those who fail to provide a safe work environment. Though workers' compensation claims are available for most construction accidents involving trenches, workers' compensation laws in Arizona only allow limited protection and compensation for workers injured in Arizona trench collapse accidents. Workers compensation, though it plays a vital role, will seldom cover all the costs associated with a trench accident. Though personal injury claims may not be available for every trench accident, they are an important option to consider for an injured worker or for the family of a worker who has died on the job. By getting an honest evaluation from a reputable injury lawyer, a person who has been injured in a trench collapse can decide whether to pursue a personal injury claim in their situation.

As veteran Phoenix construction site accident lawyers with experience in construction accident cases, we understand the far reaching implications a trench accident can have on workers and their families. At The Husband & Wife Law Team, we are here to help an injured worker seek fair compensation, so that they can cover costs relating to their accident, including ongoing medical care, vocational rehabilitation, and even in some cases loss of enjoyment of life. We also understand that bringing a personal injury is not the right decision for every construction worker injured on the job, but we do feel it is necessary that anyone injured on a construction site should at least explore his or her legal options. It is also important not to rely on insurance companies for information about issues of compensation after any kind of construction-related injury, as the insurance company will tend to look after its own interests, as an insurance claim against them eats into their profits.

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