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How to Choose the Right Child Care

Child Care Injuries in Arizona

As injury lawyers in Arizona who help a lot of parents with their child injury cases, we know how important it is to pick the right child care for your young child. This is not to say that if your child is injured that you did not do your due diligence in finding a safe place for your child. In fact, many times it is the places that seem the safest that cause injuries to innocent children. Some tips to look at when deciding which daycare provider or child center to pick are as follows:

  • Make sure that the care center is licensed
  • Make sure the daycare provider is accredited because this means that the care center has met the qualifications of voluntary care
  • Get familiar with the staff
  • Find out the staff to child ratio
  • Make sure you like the environment for your child
  • Ask questions about the activities that are conducted throughout the day
  • Drop by the facility unannounced before you decide which facility to choose

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Arizona State Child Care Law

A child care facility receives a thorough inspection before a license is given. In the years to come after it opens, there will be frequent inspections made to ensure that the facility is still following the requirements of a facility to make sure that the children are kept safe.

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Arizona Statistics for Child Care

One of the biggest worries of child care is child maltreatment. In Arizona, there are 179,308 children whose parents both work out of the home. In the most recent child maltreatment reports of the CDC, it was shown that more parents injure their own children than daycare providers. The perpetrators were usually less than 39 years old and were usually female, which was surprising to us.

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Contact an Experienced AZ Child Care Accident Lawyer

A child injury case can be complex when it comes to establishing liability and negligence. Child care facilities will be very loyal to their staff. In cases like these, the facility has a lot to lose if negligence is proven. Many times child injury cases are not where a staff member has intentionally harmed a child. For example, it may be that the daycare provider has children playing on equipment that is not the right size for the children or maybe that the supervision was not adequate or that games were being played that would lead to harm. These types of events cause harm to children even though there is no intentional harm per se. At Breyer Law Offices, P.C. we are here to help guardians and parents have all their questions answered about a child injury. For a free consultation with AZ child care accident attorneys, call (602) 267-1280 today.

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