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Daycare Neglect Lawyers in Arizona

Protecting the Rights of Children Who Suffer Daycare Neglect in Arizona

As parents, nothing is more important than the safety, happiness, and overall wellbeing of our children. Unfortunately, many of us have a busy working lifestyle that forces us to leave children at daycare facilities. Daycare facilities are trusted to keep our children fed, entertained, educated, and most importantly, safe.

When daycare facilities violate this trust, the short- and long-term effects on children can be devastating. The sad fact is that daycare neglect is a rampant situation throughout the USA, with over hundreds of thousands of daycare abuse cases being reported each year. If you are concerned that your child is being neglected at a Phoenix daycare center, you need to act immediately. The Husband & Wife Law Team of Mark and Alexis Breyer have eight children themselves, and they have extensive experience helping and representing parents whose children have suffered neglect at the hands of others. Contact our Phoenix personal injury attorneys today at (602) 457-6222.

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What is Daycare Neglect?

Babies and young children need lots of attention and love. Their growing bodies need a regular supply of nutritious food, and they need constant supervision to ensure they play safely and get along. While many daycare centers fulfill this need well, many others are understaffed cut corners to make a profit while neglecting the needs of children. Daycare neglect can be in the form of:

  • Lack of food and drink
  • Lack of supervision (resulting in fights, injuries, and potential danger)
  • Neglected hygiene, resulting in unsanitary playrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, and sleeping facilities
  • Lack of personal attention, care, and love
  • Lack of medical care

Intentional daycare neglect, commonly called deprivational abuse, is sometimes used by ill-intentioned daycare workers as a form of punishment, or to force a child to behave a certain way. Deprivational abuse is commonly associated with sexual abuse and other cruel and horrifying child abuse practices.

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What Happens When Children Are Neglected?

The physical and emotional suffering children experience when neglected can be traumatic and leave scars that last the rest of their lives. When a daycare center neglects a child, the child is at risk of:

  • Physical injury
  • Infection
  • Illness
  • Excessive hunger and thirst
  • Emotional trauma
  • Feelings of abandonment and depression

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What Are Common Signs a Child is Being Neglected?

Daycare neglect can be difficult to spot, but the signs are always there if you look closely. Common signs of daycare neglect include:

  • Your child is always hungry or thirsty when you pick them up from daycare
  • The sudden appearance of nightmares
  • Your child “regresses” back to an earlier age and acts like a baby
  • Excessive shyness
  • Unusual scrapes, bruises, or injuries
  • Seeing your child outside the facility or otherwise unsupervised
  • Unusual changes in the behavior of your child

If you see something that seems “off,” it’s critical that you investigate and see what’s happening. Speak to your child, discreetly speak to other parents, and even pay a surprise visit to see how they’re caring for your child. If you discover that your child is being neglected, we recommend taking immediate action.

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What to Do If You Believe Your Child is Being Neglected at a Phoenix Daycare Center

The first step is to take your child out of the current facility and place them in a safe, comfortable environment where they will get the care they need. Once your child is safe, you can contact the Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) and report the situation.

Once your child is safe, you have the right to contact a lawyer and file a claim against the daycare center to recover compensation for the lost time, damages, and emotional trauma you, your child, and your family suffered due to the neglectful behavior.

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How The Husband & Wife Law Team Can Help

Mark and Alexis Breyer are top Phoenix daycare child abuse attorneys, and they have made it their lives’ work to protect the rights of the innocent. Our team of award-winning attorneys provides the caring, personal attention that parents need to feel safe and confident that they are in good hands, and our 98% success rate proves that we know what we’re doing.

We are upfront, honest, and we will do what it takes to help you win your case. We offer a free initial consultation, and most cases come with a no-fee guarantee, which means you won’t owe any legal fees unless we win your case. Contact us today at (602) 457-6222 to get started.

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