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Age Appropriate Toys and Your Child's Safety

As Phoenix child injury attorneys, we would like to let parents know that toys are great to have at day care centers, but toys can also be very dangerous to children. It is important to make sure that the toys the child care or day care provider has around children are age appropriate. Toys certainly offer a lot of benefits for children; however, it is vital to make sure that the toys being played with are safe. What may be a fun and learning toy to a 5-year-old could be a choking hazard to a toddler. This is why toys in care centers are supposed to be age appropriate. Even with an adequate number of staff watching the children playing, there is still the possibility of an injury due to playing with toys that are not appropriate for certain age groups. Some toys are just plain dangerous as well. Child care centers and day care providers should be watching recalled toy lists as well as have a system to make sure that certain toys are only available to certain age groups.

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State Day Care Law

Before a day care is given its license, it must first undergo a series of inspections to make sure that the regulations and standards are met. These regulations are in place to ensure the safety of the children who will be in the care of the facility. One of the things that inspectors will look at is the appropriateness of the toys in the facility. They should be conducive to the age of the children and with safety as the top priority.

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Liability Issues in Day Cares

Care centers are places where parents entrust their children while they are away, usually at work. It is up to the people at the care centers to ensure that children are kept safe while in their facility. If a child is injured due to playing with a non-age appropriate toy, the center is likely to be at-fault because of lack of proper policy and procedures to make sure that injury like this does not happen. There are many different ways that a child care facility or provider can be at-fault if a child is injured even if it is not intentional. We all like to think that day care providers do not intentionally harm our children. Still, even if the day care provider did not look into recalled toys or have proper policy and procedures to prevent injuries, the facility is still responsible for the injury to the child.

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Contact an Arizona Day Care Injury Lawyer at The Husband and Wife Law Team

When a child is injured due to neglect, a Phoenix accident lawyer can answer all your legal questions. With day care child injury claims being complex, families are well advised to talk to a lawyer to make sure that they understand their legal rights. Missing a statute of limitations is very easy to do when you do not know all the legalities of a claim. For a free consultation with a Phoenix personal injury lawyer at Breyer Law Offices, P.C. call (602) 267-1280 today.

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