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Phoenix Dog Park Liability Lawyers

Dog Bite Liability at Dog Parks

Dog parks are a great place to take Fifi and Fido for some off leash fun and exercise. However, entering a dog park exposes you to certain risks. For instance, your dog could bite someone, you could be bit by a dog, your dog could bite another dog, or your dog could even get bitten by another dog. Dog bites can cause serious injuries to both pets and people, resulting in cuts, punctures, crushed and broken bones, scarring, disfigurement, infections, and high medical and veterinary bills.

If you or your dog is bitten at a dog park, you may be able to pursue compensation for any losses you incur. To find out more about your legal rights and options, you’ll need to consult an experienced Phoenix dog park liability attorney. The Husband & Wife Law Team has been standing up for Phoenix dog bite victims since 1996. We will use our experience and legal knowledge to secure you the settlement you deserve. For a free consultation, call (602) 457-6222 today.

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Phoenix Dog Containment Law

According to Phoenix Municipal Code 8-14, all dogs must be within an enclosure on the owner or custodian’s property, secured so that they are confined to the owner or custodian’s property, or on a leash of no more than six feet in length and directly under the owner or custodian’s control. The only time this law doesn’t apply is at a dog park that is officially designated as such by the Phoenix Parks and Recreation Board.

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Phoenix Dog Park Liability

Just because Phoenix Municipal Code 8-14 does not apply in a designated dog park does not mean that an owner or custodian is not liable for their pet’s actions, they are equally as liable as they would be outside of the dog park with their dog on a leash. Arizona holds a dog’s owner or custodian strictly liable for attacks or bites unless:

  • The person who was bit was provoking the dog
  • The person who was bit was trespassing on the property where the dog was contained

The only difference between being bit at a dog park verses being bit outside of it is that the city of Phoenix can also be held liable as the owner of the dog park. Many dog parks have signs advising people of the rules of the park and the “assumption of risk.” Assumption of risk means that you were aware of the possible dangers associated with entering the dog park and entered the dog park anyway. However, these signs don’t absolve the potential liability of the premises owner or the city.

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An Experienced Phoenix Dog Park Liability Attorney Can Help

If you, a family member, or your pet is injured at a dog park, you may be able to pursue compensation from both the city of Phoenix and the other dog’s owner. To discuss your legal options, contact the experienced Phoenix dog bite lawyers at The Husband & Wife Law Team. Call (602) 457-6222 today for a free consultation.

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