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Phoenix Accident Attorneys Offer a "No Fee Promise"

We Win Or It's Free

At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our fee agreement is a contingency fee, which means we get paid only when you get paid. If we are not successful in your Arizona personal injury claim, we do not get paid. A contingency fee helps to assure that all people are able to hire our services to get the best representation and settlement possible. As part of the contingency fee, Alexis and Mark advance ALL costs. Sometimes costs involve hiring experts, such as accident reconstructionists, lighting experts, seatbelt experts, biomechanical engineers, doctors, and others. The costs are ultimately paid back out of the settlement, per Arizona law. Initial consultations are complimentary.

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Our Promise

  • You will never pay us a single dollar out of your own pocket.
  • We only get paid when we receive a settlement or obtain a verdict in your case.
  • We will not take any fee from you of any kind. Our fee is earned entirely from the settlement we win for you.
  • We will not take any advance payment from you or ever ask you to reimburse costs unless we win a settlement for you.
  • Our office advances all costs and we have the resources to hire nationally renowned experts. Our costs will be paid out of the compensation that we win.
  • No client has ever paid us a fee until we won their case by receiving money for them as compensation.
  • If we never collect money damages for you, you will never be asked to pay us any attorneys' fee or costs.
  • You can call us to discuss your case at no-cost whatsoever. You will never be asked for payment of any fee to discuss your case with our office.
  • We give all our clients a written fee agreement that guarantees that we get paid only when we receive the settlement - you have it in writing!
  • No hidden fees - ever.

How can we make all of these promises to all of our clients? We have earned a reputation that allows us to focus on helping only the most seriously injured people. We have honored every one of the these guarantees in every single client's case from the first day we started The Husband & Wife Law Team. We have the best clients in Arizona, always strive to provide the best client service, and have the experience and excellent reputation necessary to obtain justice for our deserving clients.

We have honored every one of the these guarantees in every single client's case from the first day we started The Husband & Wife Law Team.

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How Contingency Fees Work

We advance all
costs of your case
We win
your case
Our fee comes from a
% of your settlement
If we don’t win,
you don’t pay

Learn About Contingency Fees and Fee Agreements

Alexis and Mark of The Husband & Wife Law Team handle all cases on a contingency fee basis. With this type of agreement, our clients do not need to pay any attorney's fees until there is a judgment or settlement obtained by our firm. Once we receive the judgment or settlement amount, the attorney's fees are taken out of the settlement money. We advance all costs related to pursuing your claim and those costs are taken out of the settlement as well so you do not have to advance any costs. Contingency fee agreements make it possible for clients to retain our services as this way they do not have to worry about paying out of pocket for our legal fees.

We can help. Call (602) 457-6222 and speak to our Phoenix injury attorneys today for a free consultation and remember we get paid only when we are successful in achieving results for our clients.

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How to Hire the Best Phoenix Injury Lawyer You Can Afford

Lawyers are extremely expensive. There are some that charge more than $1,000.00 for each hour of their time. It is very common for lawyers to charge $200.00, $300.00, $400.00, and even $500.00 or more for every hour that they work on a case. Therefore, many people are afraid to even call a personal injury lawyer in the state of Arizona. When people have a car accident case, they want to hire a lawyer but they cannot afford a lawyer. Where can somebody who has been in an accident find a lawyer that will not make them pay money up front? How do they know that they will not owe money if they lose the case?

Most people cannot afford a lawyer out of their own pocket. In fact, we believe most lawyers could not even afford a lawyer out of their own pocket. How many people can truly handle the costs of a lawyer or team of experienced lawyers working on their case for many hundreds of dollars an hour? Very few.

That is why we are so proud to say that in spite of the fact that we do nothing but handle serious injury and wrongful death claims, in spite of the fact that Mark Breyer is a certified specialist in injury and wrongful death litigation, and in spite of the reputation we have built, not a single client has ever had to pay us a single dollar out of their own pocket. Win or lose, our clients know that we stand by their side. When attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team have successfully completed a case; that is the time we are able to take a fee for the work we have done. At that time and only after the successful completion of a case, do we get reimbursed for the costs that we expend in the case. In all of our years of practice, no client has ever had to pay us money out of their pocket.

We are proud that this distinguishes our attorneys from so many other lawyers and so many other areas of law. We are proud to say that we only get paid after we win and only when we obtain compensation for our deserving clients.

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