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Premises Liability and Fall Injuries at the Gym in Glendale, AZ

There are many different types of slip and fall accidents that can happen at the gym and people who are working out at the gym should keep an eye out for hazards every time they go to get their daily workout. Here are some of the most common hazards that can occur at your local gym that may turn your daily workout into a hospital visit. Many people do not realize that there are people being injured every day at their local gym. We know that injuries still happen; however, below are some tips to prevent you from getting hurt:

  • Water or sweat left on machines by the previous user that makes the surfaces slippery and hard to grip with your hands or feet.
  • Slippery floors caused by gym-goers tracking water from the showers or the swimming pools.
  • Loose tiles, carpeting, or other flooring problems.
  • Cables and cords draped across the floor running from machine to machine or from machines to electrical outlets

If you were seriously injured at a gym, call the Glendale premises liability attorneys at The Husband & Wife Law Team at (623) 930-8064.

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The Responsibilities of Gym Owners and Managers in Glendale

Although gym-goers can help to protect themselves against slip and falls at the gym, gym management and business owners have the ultimate responsibility to keep their visitors safe. These are some of the simplest ways that gym owners and managers can keep customers safe and prevent slip and fall incidents:

  • Ensure that all equipment is checked on a regular basis and wiped down whenever a user has not wiped water and sweat off of the handlebars and other parts of the equipment. Keeping towels, sanitizers, or paper towels near the machines can allow the patrons to wipe down their own equipment.
  • Have employees keep a list of when they checked the equipment and have the employees sign off on a form check sheet indicating the date, time, and check.
  • Wipe up water off the floors on a regular basis and ensure that gym-goers are following protocol to reduce water tracking.
  • If you mop the floor or have any sort of spill, make sure the appropriate signs are put out for patrons to be more cautious.
  • Watch the floors to ensure that broken tiles, torn carpets, and electrical cords and cables are dealt with promptly to reduce trip hazards.

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Recovering from Gym Injuries with the Help of a Premises Liability Attorney

If you are injured in a slip and fall accident at the gym, you will likely need the assistance of skilled Glendale slip and fall accident lawyers. The Husband & Wife Law Team works hard to get justice for injury victims by working out a fair settlement that would cover the cost of medical services; time off work, and the accompanying lost wages; and other accident-related damages.

We have litigated many cases against establishments and know what it takes to obtain a fair settlement. If you were hurt while working out due to the negligence of your gym, reach out to Glendale accident attorneys Alexis and Mark Breyer at (623) 930-8064 now.

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