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Do You Need an Attorney After a Glendale Motorcycle Crash?

After a motorcycle accident in Glendale, once you know where you are at with your injuries, the next thing you are probably thinking to yourself is do I need an attorney and how can I make sure my rights are protected. Good thinking. That's exactly what you should be thinking.

In order to make sure your rights are protected you have the have your wits about you. That's why you are looking around the internet now. Right? To make sure your rights are protected. You know that you should be treated fairly but how do you make sure you are in fact treated fairly.

Unfortunately, many times insurance companies do not treat injured people fairly. Why? That's because insurance companies have a job to do. The fact is that motorcycle riders often get the short end of the stick, even when they weren't at fault for the accident and their actions didn't contribute to the collision at all. That's why people who get hurt in motorcycle crashes need to strongly consider hiring a knowledgeable Glendale personal injury attorney.

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Reasons You Should Consider Hiring an Attorney to Help With Your Case

If you get hit by a car while riding your motorcycle, minding your own business, and doing nothing illegal, you're going to quickly find that everyone around you is blaming you for the accident. Why? That's because it's easy to blame a motorcyclists for an accident. The insurance company may give a lot of reasons why it's your fault, and it will be hard to understand that these lies aren't true and can't really be held against you unless you let that happen. Here are some reasons to consider speaking to a lawyer. Remember, you don't need to hire an attorney out of the gate. Just talking to a Glendale motorcycle accident attorney and getting some feedback is always helpful.

  • Insurance companies have a way of making an accident look like it's your fault, even when it wasn't. Insurance companies don't want to pay out on claims, and they'll often do whatever it takes to make sure you take the first settlement they offer, which won't be enough to pay the bills associated with your injuries and damages. Not by a long shot.
  • Motorcycle riders are usually worse off after an accident than other motorists. Even if you're following the law and being safe you could still be killed or paralyzed because you don't have the frame of a car to protect you from the impact of the crash. You also don't have a seatbelt or an airbag to stop you…just the ground.
  • Motorcycle crashes are complex in nature and you're going to need help understanding everything, like your rights, your responsibilities, and who you can hold accountable for what happened to you.

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When You're Ready to Talk to a Glendale Motorcycle Accident Lawyer in Glendale

You don't have to hire an attorney if you were involved in a motorcycle collision. You don't even have to talk to one. But let's face facts. It is to your advantage to talk to someone to understand what comes next. Your doctors, your insurance company, and your sister can't help you (unless your sister happens to be an attorney). If you want answers (real ones and not just what you want to hear), and you want to get on the right track to a full recovery, you need a Glendale, AZ personal injury lawyer to help you.

Someone who will talk to you about your rights and about the strength of your case, and who will work hard to build a case that will get you the compensation you deserve. If you want honest, upfront answers about the strength and validity of your case, and help moving forward, contact the Maricopa County injury attorneys The Husband & Wife Law Team at (623) 930-8064. We are here to help and offer a free, initial consultation. Most importantly, we are here to let you know your rights.

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