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Insurance Coverage Dispute

Have you been injured or become ill and been forced to pay for your treatment, even though you thought you were covered by insurance? In a world of rising premiums and growing economic uncertainty, insurance coverage disputes are becoming more and more common. Here's what you need to know:

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What Kinds of Insurance Coverage Disputes Can Arise?

Insurance coverage disputes can arise in many areas, including medical, homeowner's, property, life, and disability insurance. Generally, these injuries involve an insurance company refusing to pay for some loss on the part of the insured. Denial or loss of coverage can pose serious problems to individuals who find themselves without care and must bear the heavy weight of dealing with a medical problem or loss without the help of the insurance they had bargained for and counted on.

While state and federal laws do apply to insurance companies, some insurers are becoming more and more savvy when it comes to denying claims. Pushed by pressure to make more money and cover fewer claims, some unscrupulous insurers intentionally take longer to approve coverage or may wait until after a loss to inform you that you are not covered - unfair tactics that sometimes cost someone their money, their property - and in the case of wrongfully denied health insurance - their life.

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Our Phoenix Insurance Coverage Dispute Lawyers Understand Arizona Laws

Due to the incredibly complex laws surrounding insurance coverage disputes, it is recommended that individuals involved in such a dispute contact an experience Phoenix insurance attorney as soon as possible to protect their legal rights. You may be eligible to sue the insurer for the money they should have paid you and collect damages related to the injury, costs of treatment, and the pain and suffering caused by their refusal to pay what you were owed. If the denial was done solely to increase profit at the known expense of paying a valid claim, punitive damages for bad faith may be applicable and available, as well.

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Contact The Husband & Wife Law Team

At The Husband & Wife Law Team, our lawyers understand the frustration and confusion that can accompany insurance coverage disputes. We understand how to get results from even the most intractable insurer by utilizing the many resources available to us and our valued clients. We have a long track record of success in going against the insurance industry. If you have not yet decided whether a lawsuit is right for you, that is OK, too. Not every insurance company denial should result in a lawsuit. Our Phoenix lawyers are happy to provide you with the information and answers you need to make the best decision for you, so please call us at (602) 457-6222 today.

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