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Proper Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident in Nevada

When people get into a car accident, they know that they need to get the insurance information of the other driver, file a police report, and even possibly file a personal injury lawsuit. But when people get into a bicycle accident, some of those steps are forgotten and they often don’t know what to do. Surprise! The proper steps to take after a bike accident in Las Vegas are similar to those taken after a car accident.

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Filing a police report is mandatory in case there are significant injuries from bike accident.

Seek Medical Attention

Of course, your health is the most important thing. After a bicycle accident, you need to make sure you receive any necessary treatment. While at the hospital, clinic, or doctor’s, make sure that any and all injuries are documented. Your attorney may need to use them as evidence later.

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File a Police Report, Not Statements

Bicycle accidents can be a shocking and scary experience. Because of this, after being in an accident people tend to talk a lot. They may start blaming the driver or other cyclist, or they may start to accept blame for what happened. It’s extremely important that no statements are made during this time, with the exception of giving a statement to the police.

Filing a police report (which will include the statement) is mandatory when there are significant injuries. If there are no injuries or just minor injuries, Nevada police will not respond to the accident. In these cases, accident victims should visit a Nevada police station to file a report. It may also be used as evidence if their case goes to trial.

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Gather Information

After a car accident, people understand that they need to get the other driver’s information, including insurance and contact information. They may also know to look for witnesses and get their contact numbers as well. But for some reason, when people get into bicycle accidents, they don’t go about gathering this information.

But you should! Attorneys need this information to properly file your case.

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Make Notes

This helps if you haven’t filed a police report, or if the police didn’t respond because the accident was minor. Notes and photos should be taken of everything related to the accident including road conditions, the sequence of events, time of day, etc.

In addition to taking notes about what happened during the accident, take notes about anything that happened after the accident. This includes any aches and pains that suddenly crop up, or damage to your bicycle that you didn’t notice at first. Over time, this information will start to slip from your mind, so jot it down so that you don’t forget.

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Contact a Lawyer

If the other driver has insurance, the insurance company will likely try to contact you. They may even offer you a settlement for the accident. It’s important to have a lawyer they can speak to instead.

Many people think they are required to speak to the insurance company because it seems like the right thing to do. But it’s not. The insurance company is usually trying to find a loophole or offer you less compensation than you deserve. A qualified Las Vegas personal injury attorney will be able to see through these tactics and speak to the insurance company on your behalf.

If you’ve been in a Las Vegas bicycle accident and have sustained injuries from it, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team. We know how to speak to insurance companies, and we know just how serious bicycle accidents can be. Don’t wait another minute. Call us at (702) 380-8000.

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