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In more than two decades of practice, The Husband & Wife Law Team of Mark and Alexis Breyer has amassed an impressive record of legal victories, successfully concluding 98% of their personal injury and wrongful death cases. In 2014, the firm began practicing out of Las Vegas, taking cases throughout Nevada. Below are some case results that illustrate our successful track record:

Plumber Injured in Stair Collapse
H.M. v. Element Homes and Mateo Homes

Our client was a plumber who was sent to visit a new home build for work that was needed on the second floor. When our client proceeded up the stairs, they collapsed and he landed on his back. He suffered a burst fracture, requiring a two-level spinal fusion surgery, as well as other injuries. While he was in the hospital, his wife knew he would need the best representation. She called us, and Mark Breyer met with her and explained the ins and outs of a construction injury claim in Arizona. We brought a claim against the general contractor and the subcontractor who was working on the stairs. They both pointed fingers at each other and blamed our client for going up the stairs when there were no railings. A jury disagreed. Our client was ecstatic about the verdict and we were happy that justice was served. Mark Breyer addressed the verdict, saying "An innocent man had his life altered by a serious but wholly preventable injury. When a jury follows the law and holds companies responsible for their failures to protect workers on the job site, it is a great day not only for our client, but for all construction workers.”

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Man and Wife Hurt in Car Accident
J.M. and P.M. v. American Family Insurance Company; (Others)

A business owner suffered serious injuries to his shoulders and legs while his wife suffered broken bones in an automobile accident. Many lawyers would have believed there was only $250,000 in available insurance coverage. We used our knowledge of personal injury and insurance law to obtain benefits from an additional insurance policy, increasing the settlement from $250,000 to $1,250,000. Then, we demanded and fought for - and obtained - every dollar of the available insurance for this deserving couple.

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Motorcyclist Hit by Driver Who Ran Red Light
S.S. v. Santa Fe Insurance Company

Our client, a motorcyclist, was hit when the driver of another vehicle ran a red light. Initially, we demanded the insurance company pay its minimal $15,000 policy limits. Unfortunately, the insurance company starting playing games about what should have been a simple settlement. As a result, we took the case all the way to trial, where the jury gave a verdict that came to more than $1,200,000. In most cases, our client chooses to accept a settlement prior to trial. However, when our clients choose to fight for their rights, we stand by our clients.

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Car Accident Caused Man Permanent Leg Injury
Mr. H. v. Farmers Insurance Group; Government Insurers

Our client, a loving husband and government employee, was involved in a car accident that resulted in a permanent leg injury. Like many of our clients, he was referred to our office. Another lawyer trusted us enough to recommend our services to this client. The insurance company refused to offer the $1,000,000 underinsured policy limits. Instead of reducing our demand, we continued to hold fast, refusing to take even a dollar less than the policy limits.

This case stands as an example of a law team that is willing to take a case to the courtroom. Sometimes, just the willingness to bring the fight to the defendant will achieve the right result.

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Man Injured by State of Arizona Employees
D. B. v. State of Arizona

This complicated lawsuit was filed against multiple parties that worked for the State of Arizona. They caused our client damages from which he can never fully recover. Our client was willing to fight the case all the way to a jury trial, even though the highest offer made by all of the defendants, combined, was $50,000. Our client believed in our ability to overcome a complicated set of laws and factors in an injury claim so that he could attain justice. We took the case to trial and the jury awarded our client $949,000. Our client received almost 20 times the guilty parties’ offer! Even after we prevailed at trial, the State of Arizona appealed the judgment, all the way through the Court of Appeals to the point of filing appeals paperwork with the Arizona Supreme Court. We won on appeal and our client was paid the money he was rightfully owed.

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Family Injured in Violent Car Crash
The T Family v. Westfield Insurance Company

This father, mother, and adult daughter were riding together, enjoying a normal day, when all three suffered injuries in a violent car crash. We were hired to help the entire family and we were able to settle all three cases before having to go to trial. The father had an injury to his knee, which required surgery and time living in a rehabilitation center. We were able to help him obtain excellent medical care while assisting the mother during her difficult time coping with her own injuries. This case was referred to us by an Arizona judge pro-tem.

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Unarmed Teenager Shot by Police Officer
S.P. v. City of Phoenix

Our client was a high school student. One night, he was hanging out with friends in a grocery store parking lot filled with other teenagers. A police officer pulled in, presumably to empty the parking lot. When the officer approached our client's vehicle, the officer thought he saw a gun. He fired a shot into the car, hitting S.P. in the head, and permanently damaging S.P.'s eyesight in one eye. Of course, S.P. had no gun - nobody in his car had any weapons. The police officer shot into a dark car on a dark night because of a gun he claimed he saw.

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Motorcyclist Hit by Police Officer
Wim City Employee

Our client was riding his motorcycle straight and as he approached an intersection, a City of Phoenix police officer made a U-turn in front of him. Our client was taken by ambulance to the hospital with serious foot and shoulder injuries, and had surgery. In Arizona, when you file a claim against any governmental entity, you only have 180 days to file what is called a Notice of Claim. After that, a lawsuit must be filed within one year from the date of the accident. Because our client was still recouping from his injuries at the one-year mark, we did have to file a lawsuit. We took depositions of the defendant police officer and were able to get him to make some direct concessions on liability. We also hired a top expert witness to address the City’s attempts to minimize the damages they owed to our client. We were able to get the case settled at mediation and our client was very thankful for all the work we did in reaching a successful settlement.

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Rollover Auto Accident

Our client was involved in car accident. The at-fault driver made a left-hand turn in front of our client's vehicle. She required surgery to her foot. The case settled for full value without us even having to file a lawsuit.

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Pregnant Woman Victimized by Road Rage
J.P. v. Safeco Insurance Company, American Family Insurance Company

Our client was a young woman who had suffered a previous miscarriage. She was thrilled to be pregnant again when she became a victim of road rage. She was driving when people in the car near her lost control and started speeding. J.P. was an innocent victim, at the wrong place at the wrong time, when she was struck head-on by the driver of a vehicle presumably angry at a different car and driver. J.P. was trapped in her car and could not get out, terrified she would lose her baby. She was able to make it out, but suffered serious physical and emotional effects of the frightening event. We brought a claim against all appropriate insurance companies, resulting in a fair settlement on her behalf.

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Rear-End Car Accident Ruined Man’s Neck
F.S. v. Scottsdale Insurance Company

Our client was rear-ended at a high rate of speed, then collided into the vehicle in front of him. The combination of violent impact from behind and the immediate crash into the stopped car in front turned this accident into a life-changing event for F.S. A hard-working husband and father, F.S. had always been the primary breadwinner in his home. He had to undergo neck surgery as a result of this collision, and he knew that his neck would never be completely the same. When our settlement demands were not met, we filed suit. Ultimately, we were able to obtain compensation that would help F.S. and his family in the years to come.

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Boy Injured by Flare Gun

A young boy was at a friend's house when he was shot by a flare gun and received an eye injury. Claims were made against the family of the young shooter for allowing their son to have the flare gun. Claims were also brought successfully against the family that allowed the weapon in their home without supervision. All defendants initially denied liability entirely or tried to blame each other or blame our client for the incident. We refused to accept anything less than the full value of the case and proceeded with litigation. Finally, the defendants agreed to a split of fault and paid our client for the serious and permanent eye injury he suffered.

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Woman Crushed by Cabinet
M.S. v. Kemper Insurance Company

Our client was a retiree who had recently moved into a newly built home; the home she and her loving husband intended to stay in forever. One day, when her husband was out, this elderly woman opened up the cabinet above the washing machine, and the entire cabinet came out of the wall, landing on her. She stayed trapped under that cabinet until her husband finally came home. She suffered a knee injury. We took this case to the jury because the defendants were only offering $15,000 to settle.

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Hit-and-Run Accident

Our client was with her family when her car was hit by another vehicle. There was a complicated liability dispute because one of the drivers who caused the accident fled the scene. As a result, we not only had to win the fight for the insurance company of the vehicle that actually collided with our client to pay limits, we also had to make a claim against both the uninsured and underinsured portions of our client’s insurance at the same time. This led to a protracted fight over which insurance company and which coverage should apply, and for how much. Extensive negotiations took place where we refused to accept anything less than full value of our client’s claim for every single dollar of the insurance policy that applied. With all three claims moving forward at the same time, we were still able to collect the full policy limits on each and every claim being made.

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Unable to Work After Car Accident
J.P. v. American Family Insurance

Our client was referred to us by another attorney. There was a liability dispute in this case because some witnesses said it was our client's fault and other witnesses said it was the other driver's fault. Our client sustained a L1/L2 fracture. He was unable to work for some times. There was a significant workers’ compensation lien, and we had to work with the carrier. Our client was also going through a divorce at the time, which made matters complicated. In the end, we were able to settle the case for a fair amount and our client was extremely pleased.

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Car Accident Caused Premature Birth
C.M. and unborn daughter, N.R. v. State Farm Insurance Co.

Our client was injured in what would have otherwise been a moderate accident. Unfortunately, the crash happened when she was about seven months pregnant. That led to weeks in the hospital for C.M., trying to keep the trauma from causing a premature birth. Ultimately, her daughter was born prematurely. An additional settlement was needed for the harm caused to the baby girl, who had to stay in neonatal intensive care. Were it not for the collision, this would not have occurred.

We were able to obtain a fair result for these clients. C.M. was referred to us by the father of her child, a former client who has been giving our name out to friends and coworkers for almost 10 years.

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Tire Blowout Accident
J.L. v. State Farm

After a car accident, our client had to have surgery on his femur. At first, he and his wife tried to handle the case on their own. They thought it should be easy to have policy limits tendered. We gave them some pointers on what they could do and told them to call us back if they were still having trouble. A couple months later, they called us back because they were receiving letters from their health insurer and the hospital attorney's for liens and their insurance company still would not tender limits. We got involved at that point and were able to get the entire policy limits, plus convince the hospital to waive its lien and the health insurance company to reduce its lien by 75%.

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Bad Step at Mall Led to Hip Fracture

Our client stepped off of an unusually dangerous step at a mall. She sustained a hip fracture. The defendant did not deny the injury, but denied liability for causing the injury. We used our experience, resources, and hard work to locate a total of four different people who had suffered injury at this same location due to the same defect. We even located and retained an expert witness who had warned the defendant of this dangerous condition years earlier, but the condition was never fixed.

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Bicyclist Hit by Car

Our client was hit by a car. He was riding his bicycle when a car tried to pull into a private drive and did not see our client. He sustained abrasions as well as a back injury that led to significant pain.

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Triple Result for Dog Bite Victim
R.A. v. American Family Insurance

A woman was spending time with her boyfriend when a dog in the home, for no apparent reason, bit her face. She suffered a significant injury that included permanent scarring. She was traumatized not only by the attack but also by the permanent reminder of the bite. She turned to us for help. The insurance company involved made an offer to try to get the case settled. Our client instructed us to do everything we could to make sure that there was a full recovery on the case. Therefore, we took the case to litigation and got within a few months of trial. When discovery was closed and the rest of the process completed - and facing the certainty of a trial - the insurance company dramatically increased its offer and ultimately provided a recovery that tripled the amount for our client. Our client's willingness to trust us and allow us to push this case through litigation forced a very well-deserved result for her.

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Crossing Guard Struck by Motorist
J.G. v. USAA Insurance Company; Farmers Insurance Group

J.G. was a crossing guard who helped make sure that children could cross the street safely. Despite the fact that a motorist sped through the school zone and struck her, the at-fault insurance company refused to make a reasonable offer. We filed a lawsuit and fought for our client. This crossing guard, who suffered injury to both knees, ultimately prevailed with our help and persistence.

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The Husband & Wife Law Team does not offer any guarantee of case results. The reality is that guarantees are almost never appropriate at the outset of representation in any personal injury matter. Almost every personal injury matter is contested and each case must be properly evaluated and pursued based upon the individual merits and circumstances of that case. The cases mentioned in this site demonstrate the types of cases handled by The Husband & Wife Law Team. They are not guarantees of future results and are not intended to be considered as a guarantee. The ultimate awards listed or discussed throughout this site were obtained through settlements, verdicts, or judgments of one form or another. As you will see on many websites – both legal and financial – past performance is no guarantee of future results. We agree that this is true, and think it is vital to not only look for a firm with a list of successes, but also to find a lawyer that you feel is the right fit for you and that is committed and capable of working with you towards your goals.

Note: in these cases an insurance company is listed as the "defendant." In most cases, the "defendant" is the person who had insurance coverage through that company. The company is listed as an example of the many insurance companies we have cases against. Every case and client listed is an actual client that trusted our firm. Every insurance company is a company we have fought on behalf of our clients. In some cases, the name of the insurance companies is removed/changed/hidden due to confidentiality or other provisions of the settlement.)

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