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File a Fatal Accident Claim in Nevada

When a loved one dies from accidental causes, the initial shock can be overwhelming. Whether it is a vehicle collision, a motorcycle wreck, or faulty construction, nothing can compare to the magnitude of immediate grief felt by those left behind. This pain is only accentuated when it comes at the hands of someone's gross negligence or reckless misconduct. In cases such as these, when the death of a loved one can be traced to a blatant failure on the part of a person, party, or company, you may be entitled to take legal action. A wrongful death lawsuit seeks to provide you financial compensation for any unforeseen expenses, both now and in the future, following the tragic death of a family member.

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It is impossible to quantify the emotional devastation caused by fatal accidents, but an experienced attorney can help ease your suffering in a court of law.

While no amount of money can make up for your loss, it can potentially ease the burden during an already difficult time. If you suspect a member of your family has been the victim of negligent or willfully dangerous behavior, it is important for you to speak with an experienced Las Vegas personal injury lawyer who understands your needs and will provide immediate council. Attorney Mark Breyer has years of experience, helping people find the closure and justice they seek following the unnecessary death of a loved one. Call The Husband & Wife Law Team at (702) 380-8000 today and learn more about your family's options.

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Suit in Nevada?

Many people's lives are impacted following an unexpected death. However, it is generally the immediate family and dependents – spouse, domestic partner, children, parents, or guardian – that are legally able to seek restitution for a death resulting from negligence. The state of Nevada will also consider other relationships in wrongful death cases, from putative spouses to stepchildren, but it is important that you contact a knowledgeable Las Vegas wrongful death attorney to discuss any possible legal recourse.

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What Kind of Restitution Should I Expect?

It is impossible to quantify the emotional devastation caused by such fatal accidents, but an experienced lawyer can help ease your suffering in a court of law. As with all litigation, each case is unique. A jury will ultimately decide the amount awarded after considering multiple factors, such as circumstances surrounding the victim's death, his or her income, and the overall agony of each survivor. Below are a few examples of the economic and non-economic forms of compensation available to families in such cases:

  • Funeral expenses
  • Medical bills
  • Loss of income, both present and future
  • Emotional pain and suffering
  • Punitive damages

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When Should I File My Las Vegas Wrongful Death Claim?

The statute of limitations in Nevada leave families a limited window to take legal action: 2 years for lawsuits brought against private groups and even less for government entities, so time is of the essence. Don't let someone's disregard take any more away from you than it already has. Attorney Mark Breyer will work effectively and empathetically to ensure the maximum amount of compensation is awarded to your family. Call The Husband & Wife Law Team at (702) 380-8000 today for your free consultation at our Las Vegas office.

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