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Client Testimonials

For more than two decades, Mark and Alexis Breyer, The Husband & Wife Law Team, have had the distinct pleasure of helping injury victims and their families put their lives back together. While representing personal injury clients is our profession and how we support our family, the real reward of our vocation is the relationships we’ve fostered with our clients. When we are recognized for the positive impact we’ve had on their healing, it’s our true reward! Below are some testimonials past clients have made on our behalf:

Testimonial by E. Smith:

I was riding my motorcycle and a man backed out of a driveway and ran me over. Four months later, I lost my leg. Mark Breyer made a great difference in my life. Mark Breyer was a real sincere guy. He went above and beyond the call of duty. I have enjoyed my whole experience. Anyone in an accident, I would tell them what a wonderful experience I had and to trust The Husband & Wife Law Team.

Testimonial by Shannon P.:

As a small business owner, The Husband & Wife Law Team was very appealing. I also checked lawyer sites and found positive reviews. I was hesitant to hire a lawyer because of the stigma associated with suing someone. And initially the other party had indicated they would work with us. I always felt like I was important and cared about. Mark was very professional and caring, and aggressive when needed. We were kept well informed through the whole process and always felt like you had a friend on your side. Whenever I had a question or concern there was always an immediate response. The Husband & Wife Law Team, took away the stigma — I never felt like it was just about the money — my health and recovery was the most important. After this experience, I would NEVER try to handle this on my own. It is a huge relief to know that you have someone to go to bat against the insurance companies for you who really knows what they are doing. Thank you!

Alexis & Mark:

Shannon had a major fracture that required surgery after she fell on a concrete area in a shopping center, which is why she was in search of an Arizona slip-and-fall lawyer. Many times insurance companies will tell you that they will work with you, but when it comes time to offer a settlement, all of a sudden "working with you" has a totally different meaning. Shannon quickly found this out and we were able to hire an expert investigator who went down to the scene and took pictures. It was clear from our investigation that the shopping center knew that it had a dangerous condition that needed to be fixed and it was never fixed. We were able to locate prior accidents as well. Shannon was able to receive a six-figure settlement and we are happy to hear that she felt she had a friend on her side throughout the entire process. Our philosophy is that clients deserve the best client service along with the best legal representation. We make sure we use our aggressive tactics when necessary against the insurance company but at all times maintain a professional relationship with all parties involved, which is part of why we maintain our superb reputation.

Testimonial by Bertha D.:

I chose The Husband & Wife Law Team, after I met Mark and his wife. His staff was professional. They did "Great." I appreciated not just Alexis and Mark but all of them. From the beginning to the end, I received great service. I don't have anything to recommend that they improve on — you know if you try to fix something that is not broken you will break it! If I knew someone in an accident, I would talk them into going with Mark and Alexis for sure.

Alexis & Mark:

Bertha was involved in an intersection car accident. She was transported immediately to the hospital and then went to a rehabilitation center for continued help with her injuries. She was not getting adequate care at the rehabilitation center and was developing bedsores so we were able to get involved with her medical care to some degree. Bertha sustained a fractured pelvis, fractured ribs, and injuries to her back, neck, arm, and shoulder. The driver that ran into her admitted fault but later complained of his brakes not working at the time of the accident. Many times at-fault drivers will admit liability at the scene of the accident, but after they talk to the insurance company, it seems their view on fault changes. We were able to obtain a successful personal injury settlement for Bertha and are glad to hear that she had a great experience with our office.

Testimonial by Jeff H.:

I chose Alexis and Mark because they took such great care of me in my last lawsuit many years ago. They are the best law firm and have the best paralegals. I really appreciated all the calls and emails keeping me posted of everything. The Husband & Wife Law Team is the best — love the family. I was hurt when a driver was talking on his cell phone and rear-ended me at a stoplight. The Husband & Wife Law Team, gave me better service than all of the rest of the people involved and I am thankful. It could cost you more money if you don't call them. Pick up the phone - you have more to gain than lose. Your insurance company is not your friend when you have a claim.

Alexis & Mark:

Jeff was originally involved in a car accident that we helped him with way back in 2001. Recently, he was involved in another car accident where he was rear-ended and sent by ambulance to the hospital. He had a bulging disk and other injuries that prevented him from working. Although we do not have many repeat clients - thank goodness - we were happy Jeff felt comfortable calling us right away to help him again. Jeff initially found us through a friend who was also in a car accident that we helped and still keep in touch with to this day. It is nice to maintain relationships with clients not only during their cases but after their claims are closed as well. When you come to our office, you are a lifetime client. If you ever have any questions on a legal claim, feel free to give us a call and we can either help you or send you in the right direction.

Testimonial by Bill R.:

Keeping me informed and up to date on the settlement was great. I received the settlement in less time and it was more than what was expected. I will miss working with them. If I knew someone who needed their services, I would take them right there!

Alexis & Mark:

Bill was involved in a head-on collision wherein he was taken by ambulance to the hospital and was in the intensive care unit with serious injuries. His wife called our office because she did not know how to deal with the property damage and was starting to get multiple calls from the insurance companies. We were able to secure policy limits from all insurance companies involved, and the best part of us representing Bill and his wife was the great cookies and brownies she brought to our office when they picked up their settlement check. We are pleased that we were able to help them reach a great resolution for their claim.

Video Testimonials

I was truly amazed... We got 3 times what we expected... A wonderful experience.
You were upfront, honest... things in life you have to have honesty and trust... I felt when I found you.
They know what they're talking about.
The Husband & Wife Law Team was the only ones who helped me... They were very respectful for me and my family.
They have a program to give back to the community by supporting teachers.
You were so professional, so diligent, and so caring... When you've been with the best, you want to stay there.
Thank you for everything you've done... It was a hard time and you guys got us through it.

Handwritten Client Reviews

Motorcycle Accident
The Husband & Wife Law Team went above and beyond anything I could have ever asked for!
Car Accident
The Husband & Wife Law Team was amazing from start to finish.
Motorcycle Accident
The personal feel they give to the case is the best part.
Wrongful Death
Only office where I could actually speak to a lawyer.
Pedestrian Accident
Regular updates from Mark... constant communication.
Car Accident
I appreciated being treated like a person, not a case number.

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