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Protecting the Rights of Injured Tourists

Tourism is the largest industry in Las Vegas and it’s not hard to see why. Millions of people visit the city, and the state of Nevada, every year for the sights, the shows, and the gambling. The majority of those trips are full of fun and excitement; but occasionally, things go wrong and accidents do happen. When they do, many people just want to forget the entire thing and return home to try to get back to normal. But doing so is a big mistake.

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In the case of car, truck, and tour bus accidents, it is important to know that Las Vegas is an at-fault state.

When an accident occurs, tourists have the same rights as those who live in Las Vegas. And if someone was at fault for the accident, that person or company may be responsible for paying compensation to the victim.

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Common Las Vegas Tourist Accidents

Due to the tourism industry that’s so big in Las Vegas, there are a couple of accidents types that may be more common in Sin City. These include:

  • Bus accidents. Few people who choose to visit Las Vegas also choose to drive around the city. With casinos, shops, museums, and so much more within walking distance, there’s really no need to drive. But charter and tour buses are commonplace in Las Vegas – and the preferred mode of transportation for many who visit. These buses get into accidents as well.
  • Pedestrian accidents. We mentioned how much Vegas tourists like to walk up and down the Strip. But in unfamiliar places, it’s all too easy to get lost or make the wrong move. Drivers may be distracted by their vehicle’s navigation system or by excited passengers and hit a pedestrian they didn’t see. They may also be impaired by drugs and alcohol. If you’re a tourist on foot, you could be in danger.
  • Bicycle accidents. There are a lot of ways to see Las Vegas, and traveling by bike is one of them. When tourists decide to rent bikes so they can see more of the city, they are at risk for being involved in a bicycle accident.
  • Slip-and-falls. Las Vegas doesn’t only have casinos. There are also a number of museums, restaurants, shopping outlets, and other great destinations; and all of them can pose a risk for a slip-and-fall accident. A carelessly mopped floor or a broken stair can send a tourist tumbling to the ground, and head injuries are a real danger in falls.

These accidents can happen to anyone. However, they are more stressful when they happen to tourists visiting Las Vegas. If you’re a tourist, you may not know what to do, what the laws are, or what kind of financial retribution you may seek.

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Liability in Las Vegas Tourist Accidents

The same personal injury rules that apply in other states apply in Las Vegas. This means that if a slip-and-fall occurs at the Mob Museum, the owners of the museum could be held liable if they were negligent. If a driver hits a cyclist or pedestrian on the Strip, there is a good chance the driver will be held responsible. Many tour bus accidents occur when people are getting on or off of the bus, or on the road because the tour bus operator overloaded the number of passengers the bus could safely accommodate; or overloaded the amount of luggage, making the weight of the vehicle unsafe. The bus company or driver would then be responsible for injuries in any accidents that occur because of the unsafe conditions.

In the case of car, truck, and tour bus accidents, it is important to know that Las Vegas is an at-fault state. Injured parties will need to go through the at-fault driver’s insurance if they want to claim damages or accident benefits. This can present its own problems – insurance companies often want to send adjustors to the scene to look at any damaged vehicles before paying out benefits. This can take time and sometimes keeps tourists in Las Vegas longer than they were planning.

Insurance companies may also not pay benefits for injuries and related expenses right away, meaning that injured parties may have to pay these expenses out of pocket before being reimbursed by the insurance company.

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Finding Legal Help in Las Vegas

In the United States, personal injury attorneys need to be licensed to work in a state if they want to represent clients within that state. People that already have an attorney in their home state may be disappointed to find that their attorney cannot represent them in Nevada. These individuals will need to find the best legal help they can to represent them for an accident that occurred in Las Vegas.

If you recently visited Las Vegas and were hurt while visiting or you’re still there and injured, contact The Husband & Wife Law Team, at (702) 380-8000. Mark Breyer is an experienced personal injury attorney licensed to work in Nevada and can help you get the compensation you deserve. Call us today.

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