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Home Teacher Appreciation Contest May 2013 Winner: Vico Guerrero

The Husband & Wife Law Team Announces that Phoenix Attorneys Award Mr. Vico Guerrero "Teacher of the Month" Award

Teacher Appreciation Contest

For the past two years, The Husband & Wife Law Team has been sponsoring their own Teacher Appreciation Program, awarding one lucky teacher each month $250 for use in their classroom or how they wish. According to the law firm, the latest winner is Mr. Vico Guerrero of Kyrene de la Sierra!

Mr. Vico Guerrero of Kyrene de la Sierra has been awarded teacher of the month by The Husband & Wife Law Team.

Phoenix, AZ - Well-known in the Valley community as the Husband & Wife Law Team, serious injury lawyers Mark and Alexis Breyer pride themselves on their exceptional client service and ability to secure the best outcomes for their clients. In this matter, they are similar to teachers; who have the utmost care for their students and their success.

A Surprise for the Classroom

Mark Breyer was introduced to Mr. Guerrero’s class by the Assistant Principal of Kyrene de la Sierra. He walked in to the cautiously quiet class, who had no idea the surprise that was about to ensue.

But as soon as the students caught a glimpse of his big check, the excited chatter began. Mark explained about the Husband & Wife Law Team Teacher Appreciation Program, and asked the class to guess the obvious, "Who do you think won teacher of the month for this month?" Of course, the whole class shouted, "Mr. G!"

Mr. Guerrero received a record number of nominations; so many, in fact, that it seemed that the whole class had made an effort to get their teacher to win. What was different about his nominations, as compared to winners in the past, was that in addition to the nominations that gushed about how nice and caring he was, they also noted how he really challenged the students and used real life examples in the classroom.

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Impacting Students for the Better

It is well known how poorly funded many educational districts are, which can lead to classrooms lacking necessary supplies for their students in need. That is only the beginning of why Mark and Alexis Breyer founded their program.

Teachers all-too-often go unrecognized for all the good work that they do, not because it is not noticed, but because administration many times does not have a budget to recognize them. The Husband & Wife Law Team Teacher Appreciation Program is an outlet for those teachers starving for the recognition they deserve.

There’s Not Much Time Left!

Take a moment today to nominate a teacher for the Husband & Wife Law Team Teacher Appreciation Program; the school year will be over soon! Visit the law firm's website and your child’s teacher will be entered to win $250 and a free pizza party courtesy of Peter Piper Pizza!

A Community Resource

Helping seriously injured victims is Mark and Alexis Breyer’s number one calling. Since 1996, that is what they have been focusing their firm practice on. Those injured by car, motorcycle, trucking, construction, or slip and fall incidents are among the victims the Husband & Wife Law Team helps.

The firm was voted best law firm by a subsection of the Arizona Tribune, and Mark has been named a Top 5 injury lawyer for the past two years. They also both hold perfect ratings on Avvo, a national attorney rating service, 10/10, "Superb." Perhaps their biggest source of pride is their hundreds of satisfied clients, who have rated them five stars.

The Husband & Wife Law Team discuss Teacher Appreciation on Arizona Midday

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