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Home Teacher Appreciation Contest September 2013 Winner: Valerie Zieglowsky

Husband & Wife Law Team Award First Teacher of the Month for the 2013-2014 School Year

Teacher Appreciation Contest

To kick off this year’s teacher appreciation program, Mark and Alexis Breyer, serious injury attorneys of the Husband & Wife Law Team, have chosen their first winner; Ms. Valerie Zieglowsky, of Hartford Sylvia Encinas Elementary School in Chandler!

The Husband & Wife Law Team is happy to announce our first winner, Ms. Valerie Zeiglowsky, in our monthly teacher appreciation program. This year’s contest is a little different, however; in addition to the $250 gift certificate that goes to the winning teacher, and a party for the winning class, the school has an opportunity to win an iPad as well!

Ms. Valerie Zieglowsky - Teacher Appreciation Program

Ms. Valerie Zieglowsky - Teacher Appreciation Program

Stepping Out To Thank Those Who Step Up

Ms. Zieglowsky’s nominations were inspiring. They commended her dedication to her classroom, both during and after the school year is over, never hesitating to lend a hand. She teaches a fourth grade class at a Hartford Silvia Encinas Elementary school, a Title I school, which means that 98% of the students qualify for a reduced fee or free lunch. Funding can be tight in districts like this; the school had been rated a D in 2011, but the school pulled together under the guidance of principal Heather Anguiano, and raised their grade three levels, to an A rating in 2012. Ms. Zieglowsky strives to give these students the same education, or better, than they would receive at any other school.

When Mark Breyer arrived to the school, he was promptly greeted and escorted to Ms. Z’s room. For the first time, he got to open the door and make the grand announcement himself. Ms. Z was so surprised because she recognized Mark as being part of the Husband & Wife Law Team, and was wondering what in the world he was doing in her classroom!

The students were taking a spelling test when he walked in, so they gladly took a break for the exciting announcement. After the big presentation, Mark asked the students to quiz him on some of their vocabulary to see if he would be able to spell some of the words… and he got one wrong! That’s why he sticks to the law and not spelling bees!

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Giving Back To Those Who Need It

With budget cuts and troubling economic times, schools and teachers often struggle to provide their students with the supplies and tools they need the most. Teachers are expected to dip into their own pockets to provide for their students’ needs, in upwards of $400 a year! Fifty three percent of teachers have suffered cuts to their supply budgets, according to a survey by Horace Mann (NBC 8.18.13).

While most other professions enjoy a raise of some degree with each year, many teachers are going on years without a raise for their continually exceeding performance and loyalty.

“Showing our appreciation is the least we could do for the efforts teachers have to put out both in and out of the classroom,” certified injury specialist, Mark Breyer, shared.

Open for nominations now!

With the 2013-2014 school year well underway, now is the time to recognize that teacher who really started off this year with a bang. To submit your nomination, go to: The winning teacher will receive a $250 gift certificate, and a free party for their class! All teachers from kindergarten through 12th grade are eligible.

Debuting this year, schools also have the opportunity to win a free iPad for their school, and all they have to do is share the link on their website to make it easier for more people to enter!

Even administrators, principals, assistants, and peers are encouraged to submit nominations for teachers who make a different, not only parents.

Providing Assistance To The Injured

Always available to the community to help those who have suffered serious injury, Mark and Alexis Breyer have been providing exemplary representation since they began their firm in 1996. Attorney Mark Breyer is a certified specialist in personal injury law, and both he and his wife, Alexis Breyer, hold perfect 10/10 ratings on Avvo, which is an attorney rating service. They handle catastrophic injury cases from motorcycle, car, bike, or trucking accidents, dog attacks, or construction site injuries.

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